Problems using AJAX Control Toolkit Dropdown Extender w/ Gridview


William Youngman

We are developing an application that presents data to the user in a gridview and we are using the dropdown extender to give the user a SharePoint 2007 type dropdown menu attached to the cells of a given column. We are also using another dropdown menu that the user can use to select data using another quesry using the SelectedIndex change method. Upon initial page load everything works fine and the user is presented with a SharePoint type menu. The problem arises when the user selects another value from the filter dropdown menu - the gridview is successfully rebound with the new data however the SharePoint dropdown extender is not being recreated.

Upon viewing the source of the html page we are noticing that the extender is still present but it still has the data from the previous query bound to it and thus can not be attached to the new cells.

Code Snippets-

To build dropdown extender in Gridview

<asp:Label id="lblProposalNameIdNumber" runat="server" Width="220" CssClass="menulabel">

<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ProposalNameIdNumber")%>


<cc1:DropDownExtender ID="ddeProposalOptions" runat="server" TargetControlID="lblProposalNameIdNumber" DropDownControlID="DropPanel">



Tried setting 'CacheDynamicResults' and 'EnableViewState' both to false but that didn't help. The problem is that the project manager and business unit really want this SharePoint 2007 type menu for the user interface so we have to figure something out.

Any help/suggestions/tips/tricks will be greatly appreciated.


Bill Youngman

William Youngman

I just double checked the code and it is inside of the <ItemTemplate> tag.

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