Required Data Analyst with School Interoperability Framework


Sri Rao

Required Data Analyst with School Interoperability Framework

Location: Columbus,OHIO


Rate: Competitive

ODE desires to procure a candidate with extensive experience and
expertise with education data, at both the state and federal level, and
experience in analysis and documentation related to data standards,
specifically the School Interoperability Framework (SIF)
specifications. The candidate should be able to deliver assignments in
a timely, high-quality manner. The STS vendor will state an hourly rate
for this work and bill monthly for requested support services at this
rate. The hours of support paid under this contract will not exceed
1600 hours.


This initiative is a time and material engagement for analysis and
technical documenting services not to exceed 1600 hours, ending no
later than December 2007,performing the following tasks:The resource
will conduct a detailed item-by-item analysis of the current EMIS data

elements to assess alignment with the SIF data standards and
specifications. If a standard does not already exist for a data
element, in collaboration with SIF, a standard would be created. Upon
completion of the EMIS SIF analysis, SIF analysis effort would then
extend from the EMIS data elements (vertical reporting from the locals
to the state) into the vertical reporting requirements of ODE to the
United States Department of Education

Skills Required

1. A minimum of 5 years experience in education data management at the
state,local or federal level.

2. Experience in performing analysis related to data standards,
specifically the School Interoperability Framework (SIF)

3. Experience with and knowledge of data collected by the U.S.
Department of Education

4. The candidate should be able to deliver assignments in a timely,
high-quality manner.Ohio Department of EducationProject Managers Office

5. Applicants must have excellent written and oral communication
skills. This person should be capable of performing effectively in a
team, or alone andunsupervised.

6. Experience in documenting data element, data definitions and data
standards Project Management

The project will be managed by the Project Director and a Project
Manager (assigned by the ODE Project Manager Office (PMO)) using the
Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework and
methodologies. Issues Management and Change Management are addressed
therein and the use of these processes will ensure adequate oversight
of the effort. All project communications will go through the Project

Status Reporting

The consultant will provide weekly written status reporting and
exception-level status reporting to the PMO project manager. The
consultant will participate in regular status briefings at the
manager's request.


The consultant will be responsible for meeting all timelines designated
by the Project Director and the project manager. All work for this
project will be completed by December 1, 2007. The consultant will also
submit weekly timesheets to be signed by the Project Manager or a
person designated by the Project Manager. Vendor Personnel

The vendor must replace, in a timely manner, any personnel whose skills
the ODE.Project Director or Project Manager determines to be inadequate
to perform the tasks required. The vendor must obtain equally-qualified
replacement personnel for any personnel who become unavailable during
the course of the project.

Participation in Meetings

The consultant will participate in meetings with personnel or groups
recommended by the project manager and the project director.


This is not a deliverables based engagement, but based upon the nature
of the support,some enhancements may require a formal signoff and if
so, the following will apply.

Deliverable 01: Analysis and documentation that maps education data
elements to existing SIF standards - including identification

of the gaps where standards to not exist and assistance in working with
SIF to develop standards when gaps exist. This encompasses

the following data:

1. All data collected through the Education Management Information
System(EMIS) Ohio Department of Education Project Managers Office

2. All data required to be reported to the U.S. Dept. of Education for
purposes of the Performance Based Management Initiative (PBDMI)

3. All data required as part of the state and part of the federal
performance accountability system.

Thank you
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