Self-learning (Java) isn't working. Need an in-person boot camp. Recommendations?


Feb 10, 2022
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I am looking for an in-person boot camp focusing on Java.

- Tried self-learning and online courses but the lack of structure and accountability means I've mostly been unfocused and wasting time. In late 2020 I started self-learning Swift (for iOS programming) using mostly Hacking With Swift, and my self-learning at that time was also unfocused and accompanied with long gaps (months, even). I switched to Java a year later, and I'm detecting that following the same aimless route is not really helping.
- I thought maybe the switch from Swift to Java was partly due to lack of motivation in that I didn't find Swift easier than Java and with its narrow focus on Apple it seems far less universally applicable to me than Java. Yet having gone through the same motions self-learning Java I think it's mostly due to my learning style and how I work, which are inefficient in this case. I do know at this moment I'd definitely like to learn Java vs another programming language. I mean Python might be easier (never tried) but Java seems far more widely-used, can be used to self-develop apps for Android, or for innumerable other career-friendly situations.
- I did two elective Java courses at university over a decade ago and semi-skimmed two books (Liang's and Schildt's). I think I have most of the "basic basics" down (e.g. variables, arrays, control statements, etc) but it wouldn't hurt to nail it in well with well-structured programming practice starting from about chapter 6 ("Introducing Classes") in Schildt's Java The Complete Reference 11th Edition. Which I guess is still in the beginner category (vs intermediate)? Correct me if I'm wrong.

TLDR: So are there any in-person (not online attendance) bootcamps you can recommend, ideally full-time, focusing on Java, at a level that would correspond with me wanting to practice from the classes chapter onwards and by the end allow me to code apps competently? Thanks in advance.

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