TreeView Node Styles



I'm trying to apply different styles to the different node levels in my
treeview, specifically to the root node, parent nodes and leafs, in addition
to the selected node. Some styles changes are "taking" and many are not.
Specifically, for instance, I'm setting the selected node style to bold, and
setting parent level to a larger point size than the leaf level, which both
work fine. However, when I try to set the root node, parent level and leaf
level to different colors, none of the color changes apply at runtime even
though I can see them at design time. I'm not making an changes
programmatically, and at this time, have no events assigned. I do have a CSS
file and a SKIN file, but neither of them contain any TreeView-related
settings, and I have no LevelStyles set. Interestingly, my general font
family in the Theme file is set to the color Navy, which is the color that my
treeview displays as at runtime. One last thing, I also tried copying the
HTML for the TreeView from the page to the SKIN file, but no change.

Am I missing something?


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