Visual Studio 2005 to use IIS

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Maziar Aflatoun, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Today for the first time I installed VS 2005 and it looks great. However,
    everytime you create a new web project and run it, I think it runs on it's
    own web server (since I stop IIS and it was still working)

    Ex. when you run it you get
    instead of

    Is it possible to switch it back to the way VS 2003 was? To use IIS by
    default. So when I create a new project it would automatically add it as a
    virtual directory in IIS?

    Maziar Aflatoun, Nov 13, 2005
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  2. Maziar Aflatoun

    Ben Amada Guest

    When you create a new website, on the "New Web Site" dialog window, there is
    a "Location" drop-down box. By default, 'File System' is selected. If you
    change it to 'HTTP', VS 2005 will create the website like VS 2003 did.

    Ben Amada, Nov 13, 2005
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  3. Maziar Aflatoun

    John Guest

    What are the pros and cons of both?

    John, Nov 13, 2005
  4. How do you change it for a project that was created using VS 2003? I
    upgraded it and can to change it to use IIS instead?

    Maziar Aflatoun, Nov 14, 2005
  5. To specify the Web server for an already-created Web site,
    open your local website with VS.NET and, in the Solution Explorer,
    right-click the name of the Web site for which you want
    to specify a Web server, and then click Property Pages.

    In the Property Pages dialog box, click the Start Options tab.
    Under Server, click Use custom server.

    In the Base URL box, type the URL that Visual Web Developer
    should start when running the current Web site. You can use localhost,
    your machine name, or an assigned domain name for your IP.

    From that point on, the VS.NET IDE will not use the internal web server,
    but will use IIS to open your pages, i.e., if you are working on default.aspx,
    it will be opened as : http://localhost/default.aspx
    Juan T. Llibre, Nov 14, 2005
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