WS Req/Resp as XML



Q: How do I view the XML of my use/invocation/call to my WS?

I want to use a partner's WS and I've been given samples of the request and
response XML, but as much as I understand the excerpt of the TXLife XML data,
I don't get where I'm creating/can view it(?)

I have my own WS that I use internally, but I call it like any function or
as a new instance of the WS and the object that I'm creating*. I then
use/invoke/call it just like I would any public function and/or a DLL for
that matter, add a reference, use it.

*My WS is similar to SQLHelper as well as a few other business rule
processes like name value parsing of any webform controls & matching to SQL
schema via a lookup table for the webform that returns httpfieldname ->
dbFieldname nv pairs for inserts & updates.

So, using my own existing WS, I would like to view the XML request/response,
where to begin? I might assume that I might see it in a watch?





There is now where that I've found in my calls to the webservice to get XML
from QuickWatch

dim ws as new webServiceAPI

dim ds as dataset = ws.GetData(cConnType, sqlStr)

I think that I may use XMLWriter to log everything and then subsequently
serialize that as my request...

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