WSDL.exe : Using multiple appsettingurlkeys for multiple web services



I saw posts by developers with similar problems, but I have not seen a
solution. Is there one??

I have two webservices that share types:

webSvc1 at http://myServer/WS/webSvc1.asmx
webSvc2 at http://myServer/WS/webSvc2.asmx

When I generate the proxy for these two services I use:

wsdl /sharetypes http://myServer/WS/webSvc1.asmx http://myServer/WS/webSvc2.asmx
/appsettingurlkey:mySvcURL /n:MyNS.Proxy /
o:"C:\MyWebApp\App_Code\MyProxy.cs" /l:CS

The problem is that the appsettingurlkey is the same for each service
in the proxy file. I want to be able to specify multiple
appsettingurlkey parameters. How is this accomplished. I figure
since the /sharetypes parameter became available, there should be a
solution for specifying the appsettingurlkey specifically for each
service identified.

Has this obvious oversight in wsdl 2.0 been addressed somehow?

David S.


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