[ANN] FFI madness! Rubygame 2.6, Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.1, and Nice-FFI 0.2released

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by John Croisant, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. It's FFI madness! That's foreign function interface, i.e. accessing
    compiled C libraries directly from Ruby. I've got three library
    releases to announce, all of them filled with FFI awesomeness.

    First up is Rubygame 2.6, which throws away the old compiled C
    wrapper, instead using FFI to load SDL and related libraries. This is
    the easiest to install and most portable version of Rubygame ever,
    especially for Windows users. It's also the first version of Rubygame
    to run on JRuby in addition to MatzRuby.

    Next is Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.1, which provides FFI interfaces to SDL,
    SDL_image, SDL_gfx, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf. Ruby-SDL-FFI is similar in
    scope to the venerable Ruby/SDL library, but is not a drop-in
    replacement (the APIs are different, Ruby-SDL-FFI's is more of a
    direct mirror of the SDL C interface). Ruby-SDL-FFI is still in an
    early formative stage, and hasn't been thoroughly tested, so use with
    caution. Like Rubygame 2.6, this library works on both MatzRuby and
    JRuby, and any Ruby implementation with a compatible FFI API.

    Finally, there is Nice-FFI 0.2, a helper library that makes developing
    FFI-based Ruby libraries even more convenient. Some of the nice things
    it offers are: easy creation of new struct instances from an array or
    hash of values, from a raw byte string, or wrapping an existing
    pointer; easy wrapping of struct pointers returned from functions; a
    smart memory management system for structs; hidden and read-only
    struct members; advanced pathset system for finding and loading
    libraries on many platforms; and more! Nice-FFI is more stable and
    well-tested than Ruby-SDL-FFI, but it's still in early stages. It
    works with both Ruby-FFI and JRuby's FFI.

    Install instructions and download links are available at the Rubygame blog:


    You can ask questions and get help in the Rubygame forums:



    - John

    P.S. Many thanks to the people working on Ruby-FFI and JRuby for
    making it so easy. I can wholeheartedly recommend that any developer
    working on a compiled C wrapper should try FFI instead.
    John Croisant, Oct 25, 2009
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