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Discussion in 'XML' started by Olivier Ishacian, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. XMLmind XML Editor V2.10 can be downloaded from

    V2.10 (June 2, 2005)

    Enhancements: (see technical details below)

    * The autocompletion feature of the Edit tool
    and the Attribute tool has been greatly
    enhanced. This autocompletion feature can be
    configured using the Options dialog box (for
    example, to enable the ``auto-append mode'').

    * The Attribute tool now supports
    autocompletion, not only for attribute names,
    but also for attributes values (only for
    enumerated values, ID, IDREF, IDREFS).

    * Specifying element names and attribute names
    matching a wildcard is now simpler and quicker
    (not smarter, just quicker!): simply type a
    name matching the wildcard in the usual text

    * It is now possible to display two tools at the
    same time. By default, XXE displays both the
    Edit tool and the Attribute tool. If you don't
    like this layout or if your screen resolution
    is too low to allow this, simply click on the
    ``tear-off'' dashed line found in the Edit
    tab. This will move the Edit tool back to the
    pane containing all the other tools.

    More generally, clicking on the ``tear-off''
    dashed line found in a tab may be used to
    split the tabbed pane in two parts and/or move
    a tab from one part to the other. Of course,
    the divider used to separate the two parts may
    be dragged to resize these parts.

    * The Options menu and the Options dialog box
    have been reorganized.

    The options of format plug-ins are now found
    in the Options dialog.

    * User request: the default directory used for
    new documents is now the last directory used
    for an Open or a Save. Previously, this
    directory was the current working directory.

    * XHTML documents can now be converted to PDF,
    PostScript® and RTF (provided that the proper
    XSL-FO processor plug-in has been installed)
    thanks to the simple yet decent XSLT style
    sheets written by Antenna House.

    * The XFC plug-in has been upgraded to XFC

    * XXE is officially supported on Mac OS X 10.3
    (Panther) and 10.4 (Tiger) running Java[tm]
    1.4.2. XXE is no longer supported on Mac OS X
    10.2 and is not yet supported when used with
    Java[tm] 1.5.0.

    * Updated Czech localization thanks to Martin
    Kolarík (kolarik AT mii DOT cz).
    * Updated German localization thanks to Patrick
    Koetter (p AT state-of-mind DOT de).

    Technical details about the enhancements (for
    local gurus):

    * XXE_install_dir/doc/rnsupport/config/docbook5/
    contains a ready-to-use configuration for
    DocBook NG ("Lillet" release).

    Previously, directory docbook_rng/ contained a
    configuration for a RELAX NG schema generated
    by translating the DocBook 4.3 DTD with
    Trang. The schema contained in docbook5/ is
    clearly more challenging for XXE than the
    previous one.

    The new configuration specifies a simplified
    DocBook menu with a "Convert to DocBook 5 then
    Open" entry. This entry allows to choose an
    existing DocBook 4 document (example:
    "C:\docs\article.xml"), to convert it on the
    fly to DocBook NG (file extension is replaced
    by ".db5.xml", which gives
    "C:\docs\article.db5.xml") and then to open
    the converted document in XXE.

    Of course, do not use this configuration for
    serious work. This configuration has mainly
    been created to test the support of RELAX NG
    in XXE.

    Note that Standard Edition can now be used to
    create or edit a document conforming to a
    RELAX NG schema (or to a W3C XML Schema) where
    the namespace of the root element is

    * Include and externalRef elements in RELAX NG
    schemas are now XML catalog aware. Note that
    the equivalent notations in the compact syntax
    are not XML catalog aware.

    * User request: the built-in Java[tm] image
    toolkit has priority over external image
    toolkits such as Jimi (download its plug-in
    from XMLmind). This can be a problem when
    the built-in Java[tm] image toolkit pretends it
    supports an image format when, in fact, it
    just supports a very small subset of the
    format. This is the case on the Mac where the
    built-in Java[tm] image toolkit pretends it
    supports TIFF images.

    The workaround here is to define Java[tm]
    list of file extensions separated by
    semi-colons as its value. Example:
    will prevent built-in Java[tm] image toolkit
    from handling TIFF images.

    Note that on the Mac, by default, TIFF images
    are still rendered using the built-in Java[tm]
    image toolkit. This, because TIFF support has
    been improved on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

    * Document hooks are now also invoked before and
    after a document has been copied using the
    copyDocument element of a process command.

    (This implies that the DocumentHook Java[tm]
    API has changed.)

    * A new command-line tool called translatexxe
    allows to very easily translate XXE messages.
    This tool creates a jar file containing
    translated messages (e.g. it.jar). Such jar
    file is deployed like all other XXE add-ons:
    by copying the jar file to the new addon/
    directory (see below) and restarting XXE.

    Translatexxe and its documentation are
    included in the distribution of XXE.

    Bug fixes:

    * In certain circumstances, undoing a command
    operating on a document conforming to a W3C
    XML Schema caused an

    * A collapser() will no longer attempt to
    collapse an ancestor if the element for which
    it has been generated is styled as

    * Fixed a bug related to the order of CSS rules.
    If two rules have the same weight, origin and
    specificity, the latter specified is supposed
    to win. Unfortunately, this was not always the

    * W3C XML Schema only: fixed a
    NullPointerException that occurred for union
    types having a member type with a pattern
    facet or an enumeration facet and another
    member type of the same base type, but having
    no pattern facet or enumeration facet.

    * W3C XML Schema only: when the validator cannot
    cope with an import element without a
    schemaLocation attribute, it reports an
    x-src-import warning. Previously, it used to
    report an x-src-import fatal error.

    Possible incompatibilities: (beyond those caused
    by the above enhancements and bug fixes)

    * On Linux and on Mac, the directory used to
    store user preferences is now $HOME/.xxe/.
    Previously, this directory was $HOME/.xxe2/.

    On Windows, the directory used to store user
    preferences is now
    %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\user\Appl
    ication Data\XMLmind\XMLeditor\. Previously,
    this directory was
    %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME


    + If you cannot see the "Application Data"
    directory using Microsoft Windows File
    Manager, turn on Tools|Folder
    Options|View|File and Folders|Show hidden
    files and folders.

    + User preferences are not automatically
    migrated from old directory to new one.
    Please use the Options dialog box to
    reconfigure XXE.

    * The layout of the directory used to store user
    preferences has changed.

    All add-ons (configurations, plug-ins,
    translations to languages other than the
    officially supported ones, dictionaries other
    than the bundled ones) must be copied to the
    new addon/ subdirectory. This new addon/
    subdirectory is recursively scanned by XXE at
    startup time. Therefore, feel free to organize
    it as you want.

    * The way plug-ins are installed has changed.

    To install a plug-in or any other kind of
    add-on (configurations, translations to
    languages other than the officially supported
    ones, dictionaries other than the bundled
    ones), simply unzip its distribution archive
    in the addon/ subdirectory of XXE installation
    directory or in the addon/ subdirectory of the
    user preferences directory. Then restart XXE.
    Olivier Ishacian, Jun 6, 2005
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