Apache Tapestry Creator to Speak on Clojure, Tapestry 5

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Shaguf, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Apache Tapestry Creator to Speak on Clojure, Tapestry 5

    Bangalore, December 10, 2008: If you are a Java developer building web-
    based applications and tired of the countless frameworks that promise
    you a slick UI fast but fail to live up to their promise, then switch
    to Apache Tapestry to get more functionality with less code. The
    creator of Tapestry, Howard Lewis Ship, is coming this summer to
    India's biggest summit for the developer ecosystem - Great Indian
    Developer Summit (http://www.developersummit.com/) to speak on the
    recently released Tapestry 5.0 version, covering the core IoC
    container, how to define and inject services and advanced topics such
    as decorating services to provide additional concerns, or creating
    services in terms of design patterns such as chain-of-command and

    On April 25, the author of 'Tapestry in Action' will also conduct a 3-
    hour, hands on workshop on building your own Tapestry applications.
    Hew will cover what it means to be a component web framework, what
    advantages that brings, how to create database-driven web applications
    using Hibernate, show off Tapestry's live class reloading, advanced
    error reporting and other productivity features, how Tapestry can be
    tuned and customized and build new components.

    A frequent speaker at JavaOne, NoFluffJustStuff, ApacheCon Howard will
    also throw the spotlight on Clojure -- made up of one part Lisp (one
    of the oldest computer languages), one part Java (so young, yet so
    well adopted), a healthy serving of functional programming, and a
    state-of-the-art concurrency layer on top. Clojure embraces functional
    programming with immutable data types and first class functions. It is
    fully interoperable with Java. Clojure's approach to concurrency
    includes asynchonous Agents, and Software Transactional Memory.

    About Great Indian Developer Summit

    Great Indian Developer Summit, produced by Saltmarch Media, is the
    biggest gathering of software developers from Java/J2EE, Microsoft
    computing technologies, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Web 2.0,
    Ajax, Agile, SOA, and Enterprise IT. For both veterans and newcomers
    to the world of .NET, Java, and the Rich Web, the Great Indian
    Developer Summit provides participants with a well-balanced learning
    experience that guaranteed they went back with a richer understanding
    of the technologies that make a difference to their careers. See the
    GIDS 2008 Red Stripe Report: http://www.developersummit.com/2008/report/pdf/Red_Stripe_Report-GIDS08.zip

    Over 3000 qualified and talented delegates - Source, attended GIDS
    2008: The Hindu - Monday, 26 May 2008 (http://www.developersummit.com/
    2008/report/postPress.html). With outstanding educational sessions,
    powerhouse speakers, a high-profile award ceremony, GIDS 2009 will
    feature premium knowledge, action plans and advise from been-there-
    done-it veterans, creators, and visionaries.

    For further information on GIDS 2009, please visit the summit on the
    web http://www.developersummit.com/.

    A Saltmarch Media Press Release
    Ph: +91 080 4005 1000
    Shaguf, Dec 11, 2008
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