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Discussion in 'Python' started by, Jul 6, 2004.

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    Your message for , the Python programming
    language assistance line, has been received and is being delivered.
    This automated response is sent to those of you new to python-help, to
    point out a few resources that can help with answering your own
    questions, or improve the chances of getting a useful answer from the

    The most comprehensive overview of help resources is at

    The Python FAQ is available at

    and it has answers to many questions that people ask, possibly
    including your question. Another wealth of information and experience
    can be found via the searches, at

    There you'll find comprehensive, easy-to-use searches over the web site and the Python newsgroup -- comp.lang.python, also
    available as a mailing list, . You can
    subscribe to the mailing list by visiting

    Finally, when you do consult with the python-helpers, be as clear as
    you can about the problem, including, when relevant, details like:

    - Precise error messages, including complete tracebacks
    - The hardware platform (available in the Python sys module as
    - Whether you're using `regular' Python or JPython
    - The python version (sys.version)
    - The python search path (sys.path)

    In general, be specific about what was going on connected with the
    problem. The better the info you provide, the more likely the helpers
    will be able to glean the answer...

    Note that the helpers are volunteers, and often have other work that
    demands their attention. Python-help requests are usually answered
    fairly promptly, but occasionally a request slips by, so if you do not
    get a response with one or two working days (it's usually quicker than
    that), please feel free to send a followup, asking whether anyone is
    working on your question.

    Note also that python-help occasionally receives verbatim copies of
    school homework assignment questions. While it's nice to know that
    Python is being studied, if you want help with your homework, please
    explore the materials on the web site, first - a great starting place
    is the collection of introductory materials, found via the Help.html
    page mentioned above. That way, you won't be asking others to expend
    effort that you, yourself, are not willing to exert...

    Anyway, your message is being delivered to the helpers as this one is
    being sent.


    For those of you asking questions about python snakes, we cannot help
    you - is about the Python programming language, not the
    snake. Nor do we know about python tape drives - see below for leads
    on them. Many of us *like* the Monty Python comedy troup, but we
    can't tell you much about them, either :)

    For those of you asking for help concerning Python tape drives - is about the Python programming language, and is not
    connected with the tape drives. Check around
    for help - Seagate acquired Conner Peripherals, who had acquired
    Archive Corp., who originally made the Python drives. We have nothing
    to do with the drives or the companies...

    If you are looking for information on how to be a hacker, you should
    start with Eric Raymond's seminal article "How To Become a Hacker" at
    , Jul 6, 2004
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