Bangalore-based ASIC/CAD Tech Lead, Parasitic Extraction

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Jerry Bires, May 26, 2004.

  1. Jerry Bires

    Jerry Bires Guest

    Title: ASIC/CAD Tech Lead, Parasitic Extraction
    Job #: TI-Extraction

    Accolo, a community helping each other find jobs and people for jobs,
    has been asked to help fill this job. To apply or refer someone you
    know, please go to:

    Gain international ASIC/CAD project management skills that will
    enhance your long term semiconductor industry career prospects. As our
    ASIC/CAD Technical Lead in Bangalore you will drive parasitic
    extraction projects in one of the world's leading technology centers.
    Backed by the full resources of Texas Instruments, your impact will be
    huge, touching all T.I. India digital designs at both the chip and
    cell level, from definition to delivery.

    Texas Instruments - the leader in signal processing - has been giving
    the world a mind-boggling range of DSP, ASIC and analog chips, winning
    accolades for their power, performance and quality. In 1985, we
    started operating in India, becoming the first multinational to set up
    such a facility here. Now you can enjoy the excitement working at one
    of TI's largest, most advanced R&D centers outside the US.

    Inspired Research
    The initial activity of TI India was the development and support of
    proprietary EDA software systems used for IC design by TI's
    semiconductor design centers worldwide. We developed applications for
    creating, simulating, testing and verifying both logical and physical
    IC manufacturing processes.
    Since then TI India has grown to an organization which is about 900

    As our ASIC/CAD Technical Lead for Parasitic Extraction, your initial
    challenge will be managing the people and process necessary to deliver
    a quality extraction CAD flow. A primary responsibility will be your
    ability to manage CAD/EDA vendor relationships, focused on tools
    integration, QoR and product delivery. At each stage in the process
    you are backed by the resources of a dedicated, global organization
    that's as committed to your success as we hope you will be to ours.
    Jerry Bires, May 26, 2004
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  2. me tew!

    me tew! Guest

    find employees in your own country asshole!
    me tew!, May 29, 2004
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  3. me tew! wrote:
    > find employees in your own country asshole!

    Somebody once said "American are good at looking good and making money,
    not feeling good and beging good".

    So, don't blame said a**hole, but good ol'boys in les'etat Unis (United
    States, for you francophiles). Pick up a paper, read the news, or
    online. Fox, CBS, ABC, CNN whatever. Blame tv (great rap song -
    television drug of a nation, breeding IGNORANCE, feeding radiation).
    It used to be the Asian countries were undergoing brain drain (with
    people like my parents immigrating to the US for $ opportunities w/o
    quotas, eeo, etc, but just discipline and hard work). Now, with the
    advent of cheap technology and computers and the internet and MIT
    opencourseware, anybody anywhere in the world can obtain knowledge and
    compete in the global marketplace. Blame American corporate execs who
    look for short term $ versus long term values, be they republicans,
    democrats, etc. Even I lament to see every article of clothing made
    imported, everything in every dollar store (except the obesity producing
    junk food for those supersized kids) made in China. No quality, but
    hey its cheaper than the stuff at traditional stores.
    Wake up and smell the Sanka or Starbucks coffee, man!!!!!!

    salman sheikh, Jun 3, 2004
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