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    Welcome to the March 2007 issue of the Aspose Newsletter! In this
    month's newsletter, we will provide some introductory information
    about our recently released spotlight product: Aspose.Form. We will
    also cover the new business partnership of Aspose with the company Sun
    and look at the new exciting features offered by Aspose.Grid in its
    recent major release. You will learn about the latest news from Aspose
    along with the monthly Tech-Tip, which demonstrates how you can
    specify multiple email addresses for an email message in a smarter way
    using Aspose.Network.

    Product Spotlight

    Aspose.Form is a GUI based .NET component that provides a set of
    powerful web controls to operate InfoPath templates through web
    browser. Aspose.Form is written in native C#, is lightening fast and
    works great with all kinds of ASP.NET web applications. Whenever you
    want to expand the power of InfoPath templates across internet,
    Aspose.Form is sure to fully accommodate your needs.

    Aspose.Form can easily be embedded in your web pages. All you have to
    do is just to provide the path of your InfoPath template to
    Aspose.Form control and it will automatically open the InfoPath form
    in the web page. All InfoPath controls like Plain Text, Check Box,
    Option Button, Drop Down, List Box, Rich Text, Bulleted List, Numbered
    List, Date Picker, Inline Image, Linked Image, Repeating Table,
    Section & Repeating Section etc. are fully supported by Aspose.Form.
    Users can fill forms manually. However, it's also possible to fill
    forms automatically using Xml based data files. Please download the
    free evaluation version of Aspose.Form to see how it fulfills your
    business needs. To learn more about its usage, please click here.

    Aspose.Grid 1.9 Released!

    We are happy to announce a new release of Aspose.Grid. With the new
    and exciting features of Aspose.Grid 1.9, you will feel an improved
    web experience. These new features include the support of multiple
    languages, multiple rows selection, selecting cells through keyboard,
    creating hints in row and column headers, pasting a string to multiple
    cells and date time calculation etc. Moreover, many new client and
    server side events and functions are also added to provide more
    control of the Grid to the developers. The performance of formula
    engine is also greatly optimized to make it 20 times faster than the
    older one. For more details, please visit the official release page of
    Aspose.Grid 1.9.

    Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET has just got better

    With the addition of some nice features and few important bug fixes,
    Aspose.Pdf.Kit has just got better. Now, developers can set
    page numbers on different positions of a page. It's also possible to
    delete pages from a PDF document. Moreover, the support for reading
    strange PDFs with long "refx" and flattening fields on PDFs created by
    Adobe Designer 8.0 is also provided. Few bugs related to reading,
    printing, converting and concatenating PDF documents are also fixed.
    To get more details about the improvements made in Aspose.Pdf.Kit, please click here.

    Technical Tip

    Multiple addresses for an email message

    Sending an email message to multiple recipients is a very common
    scenario and there are many ways to do that using Aspose.Network.
    Normally, we add a recipient of an email message by using
    MailMessage.To.Add() method. But, to add more recipients, Add() method
    needs to be called many times. So, Aspose.Network also provides a
    smarter way to perform this task using its powerful email address
    parser as shown below:


    //Instantiating a MailMessage object that represents an email message
    Aspose.Network.Mail.MailMessage message;
    message = new MailMessage();

    //Specifying multiple recipients for the email message
    message.To = "Tom <>, Jerry <>";


    'Instantiating a MailMessage object that represents an email message
    Dim message As New Aspose.Network.Mail.MailMessage

    'Specifying multiple recipients for the email message
    message.To = "Tom <>, Jerry <>"

    Using this approach, email addresses are specified as a string with
    display names followed by their email addresses separated by commas,
    which tell the parser that multiple addresses are used.

    Aspose becomes a Sun Business Partner

    We are very pleased to announce our new business partnership with the
    company Sun. For many years the development community has primarily
    known Aspose as a .NET component provider. However, Aspose has also
    had a very strong initiative to support the Java platform as well.
    This new partnership is another effort to help extend that initiative
    and continually provide better support for Java developers. If you
    would like to read the full story, please click here.

    Aspose.Cells for .NET 4.1.2 Mega Hotfix

    In the month of February, 2007, the Aspose.Cells team released a Mega
    Hotfix Aspose.Cells 4.1.2 that provides about 9 bug fixes related to
    concatenation of ASCII characters, copying of worksheets with images,
    pivot table, formula calculation engine and other general issues.
    Moreover, besides these bug fixes, few new features are also added to
    Aspose.Cells to make it more powerful. Be sure to check out the full
    list of these bug fixes and newly added features. Please download the
    latest release now to make your applications work better using

    41, Lily Street
    Hurstville, NSW, 2220

    Phone: 888.277.6734
    Fax: 866.810.9465l
    , Mar 6, 2007
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