Elise Mooney reports on Channel 9 about Maths Worldwide and the fraudthat it is

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    Link: http://www.petitiononline.com/mwwabuse/petition.html (as
    reported by Elise Mooney from Channel 9)

    I wish to raise this topic of Rob and Kim Hyde and their experience
    they stated publicly on Channel Nine's A Current Affair. Now they are
    caring loving parents, and for them to even THINK about going on
    television just demonstrates to you how far/extreme the ethical
    conduct of Mathemagic (now known as Maths Worldwide) has gone. And the
    thing is, they just DONT learn from their lesson. As you already know,
    Mathemagic bankrupt under the hands of the very professionally inept
    hands of Gary Rosenberg. His name is already disgraced as it was
    featured in a major newspaper publication: he's a nobody, he should be
    shunned in our society, and that's what bankrupt law is meant to do.

    Now as to this new respawning of Mathemagic as Maths Worldwide, they
    are completely and utterly ridiculous under the Trade Practices Act.
    Not only do they not act in good faith, but in no way could you even
    suggest that such a firm which has had this PAST< should you EVER
    consider buying from again.

    Now I read another person analogizing the conduct of Maths Worldwide
    to that of child pedophiles. Now so not to be defamatory, I'm going to
    analyze this matter in good faith. Being a pedophile means you have a
    sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object.
    Obviously, there is no statement of fact that Maths Worldwide
    personell have sexually molested little children (and I don't make
    that inference). But I understand the analogy to financial abuse.
    Abuse comes in many ways, verbal abuse, really, any sort of abuse
    towards kids isn't okay. Financially targetting little children, is
    just SICK, and it should be jailable in our society. I don't care what
    your view is in life, you have got to have mental problems to do
    something like that, serious psychological issues. You need to go to
    see a psychiatrist if you do something like that. It is a failure of
    our market to address it otherwise.

    If I were you, I would immediately write to your local MP, guys, this
    is our CHILDREN's stake at future.

    We CANNOT let this sort of scam stay around.

    With over 4 million customers, this is the BIGGEST scam in Australia
    since the Nigerian scams.

    And I called the ACCC, and they said they couldn't do a thing.


    Because Mathemagic went into bankruptcy.

    And then there is the issue about the allegedly 'fiesty red haired
    porn star Director' (I'm not sure how accurate it is since it is a
    forum post, of Western Australia subsidiary apparently). But, I
    wouldn't be surprised. Look at her on YouTube, she's not reliable,
    nothing about that business is trustable. The brand name of that
    company is so damaged, I don't think it could be damaged it any
    further. I don't think they even took action against Channel 9's a
    Current Affair because they knew how much of a RIP they were.


    Maths Worldwide is at it again, trying to find a fiesty red female,
    who looks like she walked out of a pornographic movie, with the
    following sales pitch. I've included it below, but just a few
    - She looks nothing like a teacher, just ANOTHER sales agent, the same
    people we know (and hate) who ripped off little children just as
    pedophiles touch little kids inappropriately. It's called CHILD ABUSE
    when you're abusing children's finances
    - They are trying to get testimonies from people by selling it at
    $390, didn't the web site say it's now costing $650? Which one is it?
    - Why the hell are they still called Australian Institute of Maths? I
    thought this fraud owned by Gary Rosenberg was shut down??? Now
    renamed Maths Worldwide? So mathemagic is the same thing as Maths
    Worldwide then? What's happening?
    - Why aren't any names given? If you have a consultant come in your
    house, ask their name and post it on here. THEIR FULL NAME. - Even at
    $400... they're still charging $31 a week for 12 weeks - what a RIPP
    OFF. stil trying to enter parents into contracts. ripping people -
    they're at it again.
    Anyway, here is the copy of the advert:
    "Hi, and thanks for your time. We at Maths Worldwide are dedicated
    educationalists who have a genuine interest in improving the standard
    of childrens edcuation here in the greatest country of the world,
    Australia. We believe that education is power, and power creates
    opportunity. We want all our chidlren to make the most of their
    opportunity. During the past year or so, you allowed an education
    consultant representing the Australian Institute of Maths [You're
    shitting me, they're still using that name???] enter your home, to
    demonstrate the mathemagic computer tutor. During the time spent in
    your house, your children would have conducted a diagnostic test, to
    see how they were going with udnerstanding maths. Remember that? It
    was almost a reflection of your children's report card. Well just as a
    refresher, why do some chidlren perform very poorly at school? And
    excel once they go to work? Just because they are not doing well at
    school doesn't mean they won't do well in their chosen career. What
    will affect yoru chidlren's willingness to want to achieve is
    confidence. Maths and its concepts are used every day in life,
    regardless of what or who you are. Maths is about concepts built on
    top of each other. Understanding them and practising them. Remmeber
    the brick wall? You need to understand fractions before you can
    udnerstand the concepts of decimals, and you need to understand
    decimals before you can udnerstand percentages, and so on. Not
    understanding and trying to move to the next concept is almost
    impossible. This is why your chidlren fall behind at school. It's
    called the matheial effect. Teachers aren't to blame. They do their
    very best and teach to the very middle of the class, and how long has
    it been since you've done maths? Doing homework is great if you
    undrstand the concept, but if you don't, it would be like practising a
    bad golf swing. You can hit as many balls as you like, but you're not
    going to get better unless if you're shown how to grip the club,
    position the club, and swing it smoothly. Having our program at your
    home is like having your very own coach. It is not just a revision
    program. it takes your child back to the last concept they understood,
    and work forward, teaching your child a better and complete
    understanding before moving forward to the next concept. effectively,
    filling in the missing bricks. the same is said for bright students
    who may have grasped the concepts very early in class, but need more
    stimulation and challenge. The program allows them to move forward at
    a faster pace than their class, increasing in difficulty each time.
    When the institute consultant visited your home, one of the main
    reasons why a number of our families decided not to proceed with
    enrolment is the cost of the program at $6,500 was out of your budget.
    We undrstand and accept that. However, rather than maths worldwide
    spending thousands on advertiisng, we would prefer to spend that on
    you. We are very strong believers in the program, and how it changes
    lives, their confidence in life, and life in general. 50,000 children
    using the program agree. Our offer to you is to become one of our
    testiominal families, offering you the program reinstalled, using and
    benefiting. We want you to write an honest appraisal of the program,
    good bad or indifferent. and we want you to allow you to use some of
    your testimonial in some of our future marketing and surveys. We will
    reduce the csot of the program by 80% if you agree to the above. It's
    just $390 plus $31 per week if you're satisfied for 12 weeks, no
    interest, no hassles. Then the program is yours forever. Now that is
    an offer every family can afford. Just call our office to take part in
    this special offer. It is only avialable to the first 100 families and
    friends. Email , phone +61 (02) 9988
    0900, www.mathsworldwide.com.au
    Sixteen reasons not to buy from Maths Worldwide (Mathemagic):
    1) Misleading claims, Maths Worldwide is claiming they have sold
    35,000 copies to date - but this is likely only what the bankrupt
    (Mathemagic Computer Tutor Pty Ltd and EDU Group Corporate Pty Ltd)
    did. Another web site (now removed from the Internet) stated they had
    600,000 students, another 750,000 students. Employees were asked to
    say they had around 800,000 students worldwide, and 88,000 families in
    Australia (Gorey.com.au). They claim to have 7 offices in Victoria, 6
    in Queensland, 2 in Northern Territory, 4 in South Australia, 3 in
    Western Australia, 2 in Tasmania, but they were just in the process of
    setting the office up (Gorey.com.au). If the product is so popular,
    why has it a ranking of 4.1m as supposed to a ranking of 6000 for
    2) No names of managers provided, why?
    3) Misuse of market power, acquiring a bankrupt's previous customers,
    only to charge them $30 for product activation (TPA s46). Assuming
    Maths Worldwide sold 800,000 copies of debtors worth $5,995, this is
    $4.796bn in annual sales revenue. This would tower the $60m
    development cost (Gorey.com.au); and is indicia that the Mathemagic
    liquidation may not have been done in good faith.
    4) Inflating price of goods, targetting vulnerable customers with
    hefty tags, who are just trying to care for their kids (TPA s51AA), as
    reported on Channel 9. The prices don't justify their difference from
    tested and reliable products from OfficeWorks which are only priced
    from $59 to $129.
    5) Misleading and deceptive conduct, in relation to its duplicated
    menus; and its "tutors" who cannot be quizzed, as recommended by the
    NSW Teacher's Federation (TPA s52). Furthermore, Mathemagic has been
    accused of its non-compliance with the misleading fee structure; no-
    lemons policy.
    6) False description, since the software does not match description,
    often hyped up during the one-hour sales pitch (TPA s74C). By stating
    that the program is a "tutor" program, it also upholds that the firm
    is a professional educational organization, but yet it is not kept
    accountable by the peak educational institution of Australia. This is
    thus a false descriptor.
    7) Un-merchantable quality, since the software is not of a quality
    suitable to market, and should be banned permanently (TPA s74D). They
    claim to help children with mathematics, but one parent stated that it
    left their child "stranded and again failing maths".
    8) Child protection concerns, because tutors and salespeople hired by
    the Company do not need to be screened for child protection by the
    Police, as do all other professionals dealing with children. This is
    a very concerning stance, by a "professional" firm.
    9) Not placing the interest of children first, which is an obstruction
    against the International Law set out by the United Nations. Courts
    of countries who do not find in favor of children, may be taken to the
    ICJ (International Court of Justice).
    10) Intentional liquidation, by the use of the corporate shell rule,
    which stipulates that a parent company is not liable for the damages
    caused by a child company if it was not aware. As a result, Maths
    Worldwide creates small subsidiaries, all of which it are "unaware",
    but there is a repeating pattern of bankruptcy and respawning. If they
    received $4.8bn in sales revenue, how can they bankrupt - particularly
    when they are still live in New Zealand, Singapore, and United
    11) No guarantee, the new Maths Worldwide web site Terms & Conditions
    also states (an attempt) to exclude to implied terms of the Trade
    Practices Act, and liability in general. Now what about Mathemagic
    (which is now owned by Maths Worldwide)?
    (And importantly, have they changed ways from their old ways?)
    1) Abusing employees, employees who were trained without payment by
    the company (TPA s53B, and now Work Choices Act)
    2) Coercing employees, by requesting their employees state they
    inflate sales by at least 10,000 than they actually were. (TPA s59)
    3) Harassment, for harassing existing customers over the phone; and
    coercing new customers into contracts (TPA s60)
    4) No warrantee, for not upholding express warantees, having shrunk
    into liquidation, voiding contracts (TPA s74G)
    5) Unsuitable goods, since the software is not suitable for the
    purpose of tutoring children, and is unrefundable (TPA s74B) In
    Australia, educational "tutor" programs should be registered with the
    Australian Tutoring Association, Maths Worldwide is not.
    This is a television report (http://www.youtube.com/watch?
    They're sold as a sure fire way to give your kids the edge at school,
    but many parents are now discovering some tutoring programs
    [Mathemagic, now known as Maths Worldwide] can be a fast track to
    financial ruin, rather than a passport to academic success.
    "Bloody frustrated"
    "F***ed off (with Mats Worldwide)"
    "They're [Mathemagic are] low lives, they're manipulative, they're
    money hungry, they're abusive on the telephone"
    "How did it make you feel about maths," the reporter asks.
    "[Maths Worldwide] Made me feel - I hated it," the kid replies.
    Kim Hyde regrets the day they let their high pressured sales person
    through the front door.
    "It's just that we try to do the best for our kids, to get them a good
    start in their lives in maths, and where they're struggling with - and
    look, we've just got paperwork [from Gary Rosenberg, CEO of
    She and her husband Rob [Hyde] believe the computer software product
    pedalled by the Australian Institute of Mathematics (now known as
    Maths Worldwide), would provide solutions for their three sons.
    "They got them to do a maths sheet, a test, and of course, the scores
    were low. And then they showed us the program."
    Within minutes, they'd signed up for the overly priced mathemagic
    computer tutor program, and an even bigger head ache. The Hyde's were
    struggling with finance, but were told, "no problem", the sales person
    got to associated company Lombard Finance, who could provide a loan at
    a "staggering" itnerest rate of 24% interest rate over 48 months,
    totally more than $8,500K!
    The Victorian Consumer Action Law Centre stated Maths Worldwide was a
    "top complaints" product, concerned about the price of the software
    that they can't make the payments, and that support that's offered,
    and the selling techniques. Caroline Bond from this Center said those
    complaints more often than not come from low income families who don't
    have the money to support their claims.
    "If they won't tell you the price up front, if they won't advise you
    to see your child's teacher, if they won't tell you teh commission
    they are earning, send them away!"
    $117 a month on something that doesn't work, just gets my kids
    frustrated - I don't know how we're going to manage. My kids are just
    like ripping up money.
    Nathan, Justin and Anthony says the program just doesn't work.
    "I've felt like melting it, blowing up the CD, smashing the computer,
    smashing up the harddrive, I was frustrated!"
    "I've sat up at night thinking, I'm just going to lose everything,"
    the mother says.
    "They're gettign away with it - they can't!"
    Desperate, the mother tried to sever her contract, but was
    unsuccessful, so she stopped her repayments.
    And then they get the threatening phone call that if they don't pay at
    such a time by a time, they could take their house, we will make it
    hard for gas, power, and electricity. "What did you do?"
    They threatened to take her home.
    Elise Mooney reports that this company is preying on vulnerable
    families. Their oldest son has Asburges autism, and he's strugglin
    with the program.
    Believe it or not, the family next door was also shelling out for the
    program. Their daughter has intellecctual learning problems, shelling
    out thousands for the program, and has the same issues.
    "Not really comfortable with it"
    "Has it helped you with your maths at all?," the reporter asks.
    "No," she simply responds.
    Eleven year old Brooke is going backwards with her maths, whislt her
    mom is struggling to balance the weekly budgets.
    "The money is now being wasted where it could have been of benefit to
    Brooke", her mother says.
    It makes her mom felt "like I've let Brooke down".
    Looking for answers, the Current Affair approached the Australian
    Institute of Maths, who've said "we feel like we've put everything we
    feel like we want to make comment on , in writing" from some blonde
    They say "our sales methods are resasonable". You kidding me? $5K for
    a rip off program.
    "Please don't suck any one else in who is trying to do the best for
    their kids," the mother ends up saying.
    ~ Alise Mooney (from Channel 9 ACA) reporting.
    What you can do:
    1) We will be gathering the 800,000 students, so we can launch a
    lawsuit against the company, to have it received under "public
    interest", coerced by the courts to act in the interest of mom and dad
    investors. We will be taking both civil and criminal action against
    the past and current Directors, where possible. You can sign any of
    these petition: PetitionOnline or PetitionSpot to join us in this
    action, if you have legal standing.
    2) Under a court order, we will try to ensure that all 800,000
    customers are refunded the difference between the ridiculous price
    ($5995) and a more reasonable price ($600). This amounts to a lump
    sum payment of $4.3bn that we are asking for. Each family will be
    entitled to $5,395 of this trust fund.
    3) We will be getting involved with the ACCC (1300 302 502, 02 6243
    1305, or ), ASIC (1300 300 630), the
    Australian Federal Police, and the Australian Federal Court. You can
    yourself fax these institutions to show how seriously we are taking
    this action. Although we already have our own lawyers, you can
    contact your MP to ensure the Australian law is flexible enough to
    change as we need to win this case. Lobby for an educational
    ombudsman, which now exists for lots of other industries already. The
    Western Australia Consumer Protection Agency has been particularly
    effective in fining directors; try calling 1300 30 40 54, or
    to get hold of them.
    4) Contact Maths Worldwide directly and fax in a complaint. You can
    contact them on 02 9988 0900 (voice), 02 9988 0911 (fax), or 1800 280
    800 (free call). You can also visit them personally and protest
    outside of their building, at Suite 101, 1A Eden Street, North Sydney,
    NSW 2060. Their email address is ;; this is
    the email address existing customers send emails to.
    5) A Current Affair (Channel Nine) stated that 180 schools in
    Australia have Mathemagic. It should be banned from our schools by the
    Attorney-General in each state.
    6) Trying to connect with other victims of the "Maths Story" and
    "English Story", which has been confirmed to exist in South Africa as
    well as Australia. If there exists "subsidiaries" of this bankrupt in
    the United States and the United Kingdom, we want to hear about it.
    Help us spread the word, blog about it, put it on your social
    networking status, and help feature this on the news.
    Because the Company has not provided any names (very secretive), we
    cannot ascertain specific fault yet. It is assumed the Company has
    done this intentionally, to prevent managers from being "named and
    shamed" (a classic public relations move).
    1) Gary Rosenberg, the chief executive of the Edu Group Corporation,
    and the managing director of the Australian Institute of Mathematics.
    2) Grant Thornton, specifically, the receivers (November 26, 2008),
    Paul Billingham ( or +61 2 8297 2400)
    et al. This Company has threatened us with legal action, David Newman
    from Maddocks. We need you to help us do an audit, to get more
    information about the Math's Worldwide accounts, by complaining to
    these professional organizations: Institute of Chartered Accountants
    Australia, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, and
    the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia. The
    Institutions should provide that Grant Thornton put children first,
    when dealing with liquidations. If not, please lobby them to do so,
    and contact these following family lobbies: American Family
    Association, Australian Family Association, Family First, Make A
    Stand, UNICEF, Festival of Light Australia, and Save the Children. 3)
    BOS International (Australia) Limited, who appointed Grant Thornton as
    the receivers and managers, pursuant to a security granted over the
    assets of the Companies to secure borrowings, possibly under vicarious
    4) Manfred Holzman of the firm Holzman & Associates, who was appointed
    liquidator of the Companies, possibly under vicarious liability.
    Liquidators have a standard of care required by their professional
    organizations. If they do not meet the duty of care, they can be
    claimed under a tort of negligence. This could include handing a
    Bankrupt's assets over to unfit Directors, and not taking into due
    consideration, the "best interests of the child" (UN Convention on the
    Rights of the Child).
    3) Glenhutt Holding Pty Ltd, based in 2065 (New South Wales), has been
    active since July 1, 2003. There is a possibility this corporate head
    was started for the pure purpose of avoiding liability to Mathemagic.
    This is illegal if this is the case. The ABN of this firm is 81 105
    679 641, and the ACN is 105679641. This is the registrar of the
    MathsWorldwide.com.au domain name.
    4) NSW All Schools Track & Field Championships, who are cobranded in a
    five year naming rights sponsorship, ending August 2009, with the
    Australian Institute of Mathematics. Doing so, may have been
    misleading for NSW customers, thus they were negligent in their
    5) TPP Internet, the firm that hosted the Australian Institute of
    Mathematics and Literacy Pty Ltd (ABN 48080351597). The webmaster is
    under Raj Singh. The Company is also linked to twoplums.com.au. By
    keeping the domain mathemagic.com.au, and linking to Maths Worldwide,
    the new company may be misleading customers Maths Worldwide has
    purchased Mathemagic (if it hasn't yet).
    6) South African Government organizations, which seems to be where the
    program originates from (based on the accent of the voice prompt on
    the program). The South African Government should ensure software
    which bankrupts shouldn't be able to be exported into Australia.
    7) CAMI (Computer Aided Mathematical Instruction) Educational,
    Advanced Learning Power, Maths and Excellence Learning Pty Ltd, who
    seem to be based only through the Internet, and are selling the
    product. Selling a bankrupted product means you can be vicariously
    liable for damages suffered, if you reasonably knew the company would
    go bust. The web sites on the Internet are scattered, but include
    camiweb.com; cami.com.au; aiewa.com.au; orangeeducation.com.au;
    learnmaths.com.au; future4kids.com.au. The best is probably the
    Indian CAMI, accesible at speedmaths.in. Web hosts, web designers,
    and web masters can be legally liable for content on these web sites.
    8) Lombard Financing, the Company that charges a 19% annual interest
    rate, selling the total product over 4 years for $7940. 9) Mathemagic
    Computer Tutor Ltd (Company No 05642193), based in The Lodge, Darenth
    Hill, DARTFORTH (DA2 7QR). This Company was administered on March 2,
    1997 - only later to reappear in Australia.
    10) Laton.com.au, which is profiling the Mathemagic Computer Tutor web
    site. They also detail a contact address, Level 2 79 Hay Street,
    Subiaco (6008) in Western Australia. The phone number listed is 08
    9489 7600.
    11) Damian Bock and Damian Frearson, the director of Mathemagic
    Computer Tutor AIMWA Pty Ltd, who were fined $1,200 in a Perth
    Magistrates Court for failing to give mandatory customer information
    about their rights to cancel door-to-door trading contracts.
    12) Renaka Senaratna of Croydon in Victoria, was fined $1,000 in the
    Joondalup Magistrates Court for not ensuring his company provided
    mandatory customer information about their rights to cancel door-to-
    door trading contracts.
    Please note that Back To The Future Education Australia Pty Ltd is not
    associated with Maths Worldwide (Mathemagic). Anthony Tannous stated
    that the Australian Institute of Mathematics Pty Ltd were "unethical
    scammers" who they took legal action against in 2003. In court, he
    claimed that Mathemagic rode on the good reputation, affordability,
    and honest business practices of Back to the Future Education
    Australia Pty Ltd. We understand they are family owned, Christian,
    100% Australian, hire professional teachers, are Government endorsed.
    We want to make it clear to our constituents that mathspower.com.au
    and Back to the Future Eductaion Australia Pty Ltd is not the target
    of this class action. * The $4.3bn figure is calculated, by
    multiplying the 800,000 students worldwide, by $5,995; subsequently
    deducting the figure by 800,000 students worldwide, multiplied by $650
    (current cost). The software sold cost may be greater in some
    jurisdictions/transactions, and the number of students doesn't
    necessarily represent the number of copies sold. We will need more
    forensic evidence. ^^ please note the above is just my comment, and
    may not represent the fact. Commments protected by the First Amendment
    of the United States Constitution - Freedom of Speech provision.
    Ms. Hyde, Apr 17, 2010
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