Exploring the open sessions, manually connecting one

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Pavils Jurjans, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I have two questions regarding the Session state.

    1) Is there some way on the server to programmatically access the other
    active sessions? Well, perhaps the question should be formulated not "is
    there a way", but "how to do it", because that almost inevitably must be
    possible - after all, the ASP.NET enables access for all the session users
    to their respective sessions. Perhaps studying the full request lifetime,
    and finding out how ASP.NET uses the Session ID cookie to instantiate the
    session state, but it could be a teadious task to do. Please, tell me the
    best way to access the other active sessions and their data. That would
    greatly improve debugging of my online app.

    2) How to tell server to connect to another Session state? I have a problem
    with online application: the application is opened in a web browser control
    of 3rd party desktop application. If I spawn a pop-up window from the aspx
    page that is loaded in the IE control, the popup window, unfortunately,
    starts up a new session. I am not quite sure, why this happens - the two
    pages are on the same domain, the same folder. Maybe making the sessionID
    cookie more durable somehow would solve this. However, I am looking for more
    general way to connect to my session - that would give me freedom of choice
    from possible options. If I would know how to start up a native session,
    providing my own SessionID, so that the rest of the application could freely
    use standard code to manipulate the session variables (ie, Session["abc"] =
    1), there are possible solutions:
    a) pass the session Id to the popup in query string
    (mypopup.aspx?1234567890abcdef). Make the server to use the session Id in
    the URL to connect to the correct session
    b) pass the session Id in the URL (1234567890abcdef/mypopup.aspx), then
    make http handler that uses the URL string to extract the session Id and
    connect the session state object

    I will be grateful for any ideas!


    Pavils Jurjans, May 9, 2006
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