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    Imagine a world where everybody shares and has faith in each other. We have
    all struggled at one time or another with our jobs or careers and have
    wondered if there was a better way to make a living. What if the solution
    was just to help each other, simply by giving and receiving. This would be
    a radical global experiment in faith. Imagine people all around the world
    connecting instantaneously and just giving and receiving money to each other
    without condition.

    As it is, there is a global pool of money and we are giving and receiving
    money to each other by selling and buying products or services. The global
    pool of money is constantly shifting but it is mostly staying in the hands
    of a minute percentage of the wealthy that we work for. The products that we
    are consuming in this shifting of global money is devastating our planet's
    resources. Do we need to own that much stuff and work that hard?

    What if we just all tapped into this global pool of money without buying
    stuff and simply depended on the kindness and faith of strangers for our
    income? Sounds crazy doesn't it? This idea of sharing our wealth would be a
    massive global wave of small amounts of money shifting between millions of
    people, millions of times a day. As each participant receives money and
    purchases whatever essential items they need (such as food and shelter),
    they also give money to others. Essentially, this flow of money becomes a
    global pool of money we all draw upon without condition. But how would we do

    Well, the internet has allowed anyone with a computer around the world to
    connect instantly. And now there are third party escrow services like PayPal
    that enable us to transfer funds back and forth to anyone in the world that
    has a PayPal account. PayPal is safe and secure and is used by millions of
    people to buy and sell goods to each other - especially through Ebay. You
    should research it yourself by Googling PayPal and making sure you are
    comfortable with using it. In an instant I can send money to someone for a
    book they're selling in Africa and I don't have to reveal my credit card or
    bank account number. PayPal keeps all that information confidential and the
    other person never sees it. Isn't that mind boggling that technology has
    advanced so far and so fast?

    If you're ready to become part of this radical evolution here's how it
    works. Send a small amount ($5) of your "global pool money" as a gift to two
    people on the list below and then you either post this message in as many
    sites as you can or send it out as an e-mail to people you know. When others
    see your e-mail and decide to join in then they give you $5. When you start
    to receive lots of money from others have faith that you have enough and
    when you receive another e-mail or see another message posting then give
    some of that money away with gratitude. Your name will go back on their list
    and around and around it goes. Obviously, it takes faith from each one of us
    that the next person that reads our e-mail or message will send us money
    after we have sent our money to others. And that's how the whole global
    sharing program begins.


    To get started, you have to have a PayPal Account. It's a safe and secure
    way to send money on the internet. If you're not already a PayPal user, the
    first thing you need to do is sign up. Anyone with an e-mail address can
    join for free! You also have to have a credit card or bank account
    information to be able to send and receive funds. Never use someone else's
    link to enter PayPal. They could be fake mirror sites. Sign-up for paypal by
    opening up a new browser and type in for the address.

    Send $5 to the first person on the list below by using the paypal send money
    feature. Do this by simply clicking on SEND MONEY and typing in the e-mail
    address from the #1 person on the list. Include in the PayPal message box:
    WITH BLESSINGS FROM GLOBAL SHARING. Then send another $5 to the 5th person
    on the list, with the same message.

    Remove the 1st e-mail address and place your address at the bottom by
    copying this message then pasting and editing it on your computer. This
    moves the 2nd to 1st, 3rd to 2nd, 4th to 3rd, and the 5th place into 4th.
    Don't forget to renumber the e-mail addresses starting from 1 to 5.


    Make sure you replace the 5th address with the same e-mail address that you
    used to open your PayPal account. This is the way you will receive payment
    from the next person.

    Now that you have paid the 1st person and 5th person and sent them both a
    note, and placed your e-mail address in the 5th place, then what you need to
    do is post your letter and start receiving your money.

    To get started just copy this whole page and paste it to your e-mail or
    posting that you are creating. EDIT THE MESSAGE WITH YOUR PAYPAL E-MAIL
    ADDRESS IN THE 5TH POSITION. You can post on message boards and newsgroups
    (there are thousands!), and you can even send an email to your email list of
    friends. The more you send out the faster the word spreads and the sooner
    the global pool of money will be circulating.

    This is really important! Remember to share and the next time you receive a
    similar e-mail or see a similar posting be generous and give part of your
    new found wealth to others by repeating the whole process. In this way, by
    giving back to the GLOBAL SHARING your PayPal e-mail address will end up on
    the 5th position again and could circulate forever. Call it Karma or "what
    goes around comes around"!

    Here are the step-by-step directions again:
    Step 1.

    Set up your PayPal account, if you don't already have one, and send the top
    name (1st person) $5.00 dollars. Don't forget to include "WITH BLESSINGS

    Step 2.

    Send the other $5.00 dollars with the same message "WITH BLESSINGS FROM
    GLOBAL SHARING" to the 5th name on the list.

    Step 3.

    Remove the top name, bump the other 4 names up one place each. Place your
    name in the bottom slot.

    Step 4.

    Keep sending/posting the letter.

    That's it. It's that simple!
    Emily, Jul 31, 2006
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