How does one use the selected value of one control to set the contents of another?

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Controls' started by Ted, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Ted

    Ted Guest

    I am working on a couple simple projects designed to help me get
    comfortable using ASP.NET v2 and v3; one involves basic scheduling and
    the other setting and acting on user preferences. In the first
    instance, I see myself using a calendar control and a table with two
    columns (one for time and the other for appointment details). What I
    want to do is use a stored procedure which takes a date as an argument
    to return records for all appointments for the selected date, and
    populate the table with the results. This would ultimately evolve into
    an exercise that supports activity in a business where an employee can
    see when specific colleagues are available, a supervisor can schedule
    meetings with one or more subordinates when all involved, and a
    suitable meeting room, are available, or assign tasks to subordinates
    who have the time, or to himself. In the other, imagine a situation in
    which the user works with data representing weights of materials to be
    managed, and the user can choose whether he works with imperial or
    metric data (with necessary conversions for common data handled behind
    the scene). So, if he chooses metric, in one dropdown box, he sees
    only tonnes, kilograms, grams, milligrams, &c. in the second, while if
    he chooses imperial in the first, he sees tons, pounds, ounces, &c. in
    the second.

    In both cases, it looks to me like basically a single task, that is to
    use the current selected value from one control as the parameter value
    for the stored procedure that populates the second. The only
    difference is the identity of the controls in question, and I do not
    know if that difference affects how the task is done.

    Creating the requisite tables and relationships in the database back
    end is easy, and I have a clear idea of how I want the interface to
    look. The problem that remains to be solved is how to get everything
    talking to each other.

    Of course, I will inevitably have to create login pages and make my
    queries that populate my controls depend on the user ID, but that is
    another issue, and how to do it is obvious once I figure out how to get
    two controls on the same page to talk to each other.

    I am working with MS Visual Studio 2005, and created simple, braindead,
    ASP Websites in it. I can work with C# or VB, or any of the other
    languages supported by MS Visual Studio, and I want to be able to
    access data stored in MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and in
    MS Access files (but I don't have MS Access - I just need to access
    Access DB files because I have access to a couple public domain
    databases that had been created using Access).


    Ted, Dec 12, 2006
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