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Discussion in 'Javascript' started by wheresdave, Feb 14, 2007.

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    My name is Dave, and I am working on a non profit portal with a small
    team of developers. The mission of the portal is to
    give anyone in the world the ability to share information on and track
    side effects. We will accomplish this through the following method.

    1. Allowing patients to define what a side effect is in their own

    So many side effects that are experienced, especially from depression/
    anxiety drugs, are very hard to articulate to someone who is not
    experiencing them, but they make total sense to another person who is
    on the same med and has the same side effect.

    2. Data gathering of non identifying side effect related statistics.

    We will gather non identifying statistics from each individual.
    Information on physical characteristics illness(es)/disease(s),
    medications and then side effects will be gathered together by our

    NOTE: We will be using the terminology provided by the users when
    defining side effects in the data collection area.

    3. Reporting

    After an individual has created a profile we will then give them the
    opportunity to generate a report to share with their doctor.Each
    report will query the database for others whose characteristics are
    similar to theirs and then provide them with numbers and statistics
    they can print out and show their physician.

    As I said above we are collecting non identifying information. As a
    part of our mission we will strive to make all interactions between us
    and the individual non-identifying.

    In addition to the application we will be utilizing a wiki as a way to
    allow users to submit definitions of side effects. We possibly will
    use the wiki at some point in the future as a vehicle for symptom and
    disease/illness identification.

    At this time we have just finished the initial migrations for the data
    modeling, and at this time are opening the project up to more
    involvement. At this time we have a need for developers, UI and
    graphics designers and AJAX gurus (we may need some additional limited
    data modeling in the future). Our goal is to assemble a team of
    between 15 to 20 people who will be contributing to an open source
    closed model project.

    If this is something of interest to you please feel free to send me an
    email so we can discuss this further. If you have already sent me an
    email in the past and I did not get back to you right away I apologize
    as I had a personal family emergency come up in December and January.

    I also will need help setting up tikiwiki on the domain
    if anyone has any experience with this application. This will be our
    public facing portal to educate the public about as it
    is in development.

    Best Regards,


    I am posting this invitation to other lists as well, I apologize if
    you receive this announcement on more than one list.
    wheresdave, Feb 14, 2007
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