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Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Controls' started by Mythran, May 7, 2004.

  1. Mythran

    Mythran Guest

    I have a library I'm trying to test.

    This library is part of a 3-part solution.

    3 projects in the solution, the Library, the WebControl, and the Sample Web

    The sample web app references the web control by Project reference.
    The web control project references the library project by Project reference.
    The library is a simple library (no attributes or anything extra). It has one
    property, Bold.


    Public Class MyLibrary
    Private mBold As Boolean = True
    Public Property Bold() As Boolean
    Return mBold
    End Get
    Set (ByVal Value As Boolean)
    mBold = Value
    End Set
    End Property
    End Class

    The web control has all the default code plus 1 additional private member
    (mMyLibrary As MyLibrary) as well as 1 additional property:

    Public Property MyLibrary() As MyLibrary
    Return mMyLibrary
    End Get
    Set (ByVal Value As MyLibrary)
    mMyLibrary = Value
    End Set
    End Property

    There are no conflicts in naming like there is in the sample code above because
    in my code, I'm using namespaces to separate them and they aren't even named the
    same (property vs class).

    Ok, all is well, now when I try to compile, everything compiles fine and I do not
    get an error (at least that you can see w/o further investigation that I found).
    When I go to view the webcontrol, everything looks good, with one exception:

    The web control is what was compiled, if I change something (say a MsgBox in the
    Render() of the web control), it gets displayed as I changed it, but if I change
    something in the Library, it does not take effect. I have to close down the IDE
    completely (not just the solution, but the whole IDE application), then delete
    the obj/Debug/AssemblyNameHere.dll file in order for me to show any changes to
    the Library.

    I found that (while opening the task list) when I compile the solution (or just
    the library) there is a task that is displayed briefly and then removed. It
    states that the file can't be written to because it is in use by another process.

    Why does this happen? It locks the output file so I can't output to it at all.
    I have to completely close down to get it to work....<mumbles> Does anyone have
    a solution for this problem? This affects all of my solutions because all of our
    applications have custom controls which make use of custom complex types that we
    have written.

    BTW, this does not happen to the same solution on a co-workers machine, some of
    ours it does, other's it doesn't....same OS, computer setups...everything :(

    Mythran, May 7, 2004
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