March meeting of the Philadelphia XML Users Group

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    The next meeting of the Philadelphia XML User Group will be on
    Wednesday, March 9th at 6:00 p.m. The meeting is hosted by Elsevier, in
    the Curtis Center on Independence Mall in Philadelphia. A map and
    directions can be found at our website:

    This month's speaker will be Joe Gangemi, addressing "The XML/SGML

    XML is being used as the be-all, end-all solution to all the world's
    problems even when SGML is really called for, especially in publishing.
    The difficult problem is choosing between SGML and XML, especially for
    publishing. XML has lots of nifty "free" tools and all the marketing
    hype. SGML just happens to have all the missing features that
    publishers need to get the job done.

    Following his presentation, we'll have an open forum on how
    organizations make the choice to use XML, why some choose to stay with
    SGML, and what the future holds for markup languages. Bring your own
    experiences, and join the discussion.

    * Isn't it time to move on, forget about SGML?
    * Has your organization migrated from SGML?
    * If you've implemented XML, did you consider
    (or even hear about) SGML?
    * What publishing problems do you face now,
    that haven't been miraculously solved by XML?

    Joseph V. Gangemi is a Senior Consultant who has been involved in the
    design, development, and management of advanced text processing and
    editorial production systems for many years. He worked on the GCA
    GenCode Committee in the mid-1970s and later joined the ANSI Committee
    and the ISO Committee that produced the Standard Generalized Markup
    Language (SGML).

    In addition, Joe designs relational databases from which electronic and
    print publishing products are generated. He is the author of several
    articles on content management, generic coding, and text markup
    concepts. He is a recipient of the PIA Gutenberg Award for his
    contributions to the Graphic Arts industry.

    If you're interested in attending, please sign up at so that building security is
    expecting you and so that we have enough refreshments. (If you're not
    sure you can attend, sign up anyway and we'll keep you informed of
    future meetings.)

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Visit our website at
    Email to:
    , Mar 2, 2005
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