MSIE DHTML document.write() scrollbar flicker

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by JohnH, May 19, 2004.

  1. JohnH

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    greetings everyone,


    My app uses framesets to create a frame that presents a list of things
    to buy and a second frame that is the shopping cart. My intent is to
    give the visitor immediate feedback as they add things to their cart.

    Each time the customer adds an item to the cart the cart frame is
    refreshed with the visitor's current selection. The cart's JavaScript
    calculates totals, tax, and so on, then generates the necessary DHTML
    and uses document.write() to update the cart frame with said DHTML.

    The cart can extend bellow the bottom of the frame. It sprouts a
    vertical scrollbar as this occurs.

    My bug is triggered when the length of the cart exceeds the length of
    the frame by a sufficient degree. This wording is a little weird
    because the point where the bug is trigger is different on a monitor
    set to 1600 x 1200 resolution monitor than for a monitor set to

    My symptoms are a little hard to describe, please bear with me. The
    cart frame's scrollbar begins to flicker and the cart's text is only
    partially displayed. This phenomena can be cleared by clicking in the
    cart's frame. The cart appears correctly after click anywhere within
    the cart's frame.

    Observed facts about the bug

    1.)It is triggered when JavaScript writes DHTML to a frame

    2.)The DHTML must be longer than the browser frame.

    3.)The bug doesn't peg the CPU, but sometimes prevents MSIE from
    responding to mouse clicks

    4.)The bug will not immediately manifest itself on a monitor set to
    1600x1200 resolution. If the visitor continues adding items to the
    cart after the list of items has continued off the end of the screen,
    say, about 3 more items, then the bug will occur.

    5.)The bug will immediately manifest itself on a monitor set to 600 x
    800 resolution. The "empty" cart is initialized with PayPal logos,
    credit card logos, prominent warnings (i.e., located at the top of the
    cart), which consume most of the cart's visible real estate at this
    resolution. The first item added to the cart is partially obscured by
    the browser's bottom frame. Put another way, about one half of the
    cart's first item is visible without scrolling. Anyway, my point is
    that adding just one item is sufficient to trigger the bug on monitor
    set to 600 x 800 resolution

    6.)I am unsure regarding "how" much longer than the browser frame that
    the DHTML must be before this occurs, but it seems to be something
    like 125%+.

    7.)I haven't been able to duplicate this bug on NS 7.1; therefore I
    suspect that this is an MSIE6 issue

    8.)Resizing the window or scrolling the cart's scrollbars doesn't
    terminate the flicker

    9.)Clicking inside the cart's client area can terminate the flickering
    if there aren't too many items in the cart. It is rather strange that
    if I have, say 5 items in the cart this click doesn't work.

    10.)If I continue adding items to the cart while it is flickering the
    cursor begins flickering back a forth between the pointer and the hour
    glass and I have to use task manager to terminate MSIE

    11.) MSIE version is 6 sp1

    What I've already tried:

    1.)since clicking in the cart's frame seems to clear the bug I
    attempted to force a click to one of the cart's anchors using; this had no effect.

    2.)Updating the cart uses the following code:;
    // write the new cart
    document.write( cart_page ); // cart page contains the cart's DHTML
    I tried ‘resize' ); had no effect.

    3.)I tried all kinds of adjustments to the size of the frame and so on
    before I figured out that this had no effect either.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you folks might suggess ;-)
    JohnH, May 19, 2004
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