MuraveyWeb 0.2 -- tons of new stuff (Ruby on Rails CMS with a live demo)

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Dmitry V. Sabanin, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm glad to announce second public release of MuraveyWeb 0.2

    MuraveyWeb is a Content Management System built on top of magical Ruby
    on Rails web-framework. It helps you to develop web solutions
    painlessly and in almost no time, while having freedom at designing
    the result and displaying the content.

    -- if you want to know more about MuraveyWeb, consider reading --

    Important new features
    * Full blown illustrated reference at
    * SimpleFolders generator. Script that generates full-functional MW
    client application
    * Document revisions management. You can track changes, diff between
    them and revert to old document versions
    * Document staging support.
    * Easy image inlining into documents
    * Rewritten ACL system: user can have many roles(from predefined
    list). Depending on role, different parts of interface are shown
    * Improved custom document types builder

    Other changes
    * New design theme
    * Preview button for textile and HTML articles
    * Site configuration file. You can specify name of the site shown on
    all MuraveyWeb pages
    * Repair tree script that helps painlessly repair your content tree in
    case something gone wrong
    * Content browser refactoring
    * Each mapping can now link to a specific folder as it's image store.
    Images from imagestore will be automatically available for select in
    HTML editor widget.
    * TinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML editor instead of HTMLArea
    * Folder #fetch_last and #fetch_first methods
    * Track author name, email and data of revisit in the document metas
    by default
    * Files and Images can guess their title from the original file name
    * Document now store their content size and can render it in
    human-readable form.
    * Support for file documents in mw helper.
    * MuraveyWeb helper now supports :auto type for :render and :link. It
    will guess document type automagically and render it.
    * Moved RDBMS specific code to the SQLStore adapters system. Moving
    towards MSSQL compatibility

    MuraveyWeb license is MIT as Ruby on Rails'.

    * Administrator interface demo:
    š šlogin: admin
    š špassword: admin

    * SimpleFolders application demo:
    * MW illustated documentation:

    You can get tar-balls and zip here:

    There's a list of requirements here:

    If you want to get MW from CVS:
    cvs -d:pserver::/var/cvs/muravey-tools login
    cvs -z3 -d:pserver::/var/cvs/muravey-tools co \

    I want to thank Joshua Sierles aka "corp" in IRC for his great help
    with testing MuraveyWeb and making it more human-friendly.

    If you have any problems with MW or you have idea how I or you can
    improve it please contact me, I will always be glad to help.

    There's #MuraveyWeb IRC channel on
    And forums on the RubyForge:

    You can report any bugs or misbehaviors here:

    sdmitry -=- Dmitry V. Sabanin
    Dmitry V. Sabanin, Apr 2, 2005
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  2. Lionel Thiry

    Lionel Thiry Guest

    Re: MuraveyWeb 0.2 -- tons of new stuff (Ruby on Rails CMS with alive demo)

    Dmitry V. Sabanin a écrit :
    > Hi all,
    > I'm glad to announce second public release of MuraveyWeb 0.2

    What does the word "Muravey" means?

    Lionel Thiry
    Lionel Thiry, Apr 2, 2005
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  3. vladare

    vladare Guest

    Hello All

    Lionel Thiry wrote:
    > What does the word "Muravey" means?

    It's "ANT" but in russian :)
    Pronounced like [MOO]-[R/\]-[WEY]

    vladare, Apr 4, 2005
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