Objectz.NET 2.2.1 Released as Free Personal Edition

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Mongoose Solutions, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Objectz.NET Version 2.2.1 Released as Free Personal Edition

    Objectz.NET Personal Edition Version 2.2.1 is now available as a free
    download from http://www.mongoosesolutions.com. Objectz.NET is an
    Object/Relational Mapping Library for .NET. Objectz.NET lets you map the
    properties and fields of your .NET application classes directly to your
    database tables, columns and views. All of your data is seamlessly
    transferred between your objects and your data source by Objectz.NET. That
    means that you can concentrate on writing business logic, not database
    access code. It also means your application doesn't break when your
    database schema or data source changes. Using the visual Objectz.NET
    Mapping Studio, you can make changes to the way your classes are mapped
    quickly and easily - all without recompiling any code.

    Objectz.NET comes in 3 versions - Enterprise, Professional and Personal - an
    absolutely cost and royalty-free O/R Mapping Library.

    Traditional use of ADO.NET directly results in GUI presentation code,
    business logic, and SQL statements interwoven throughout the application
    source code. This can result in increased maintenance when developing and
    deploying in different environments as any database schema or provider
    changes will cascade into multiple time-consuming code changes. Objectz.NET
    eliminates this hassle and allows rapid portability of application code
    between development, production and other environments. Objectz.NET is
    compatible with any managed .NET language, including C#, VB.NET, Managed
    C++, JScript.NET and J# - allowing developers to leverage the cross-language
    strengths of the .NET platform.

    Objectz.NET allows an object to be stored or retrieved directly to/from a
    data source. Since Objectz.NET is built on top of ADO.NET, all persistent
    objects can be converted to a data set and vice versa. Objectz.NET
    eliminates the need to embed SQL statements into business layer code. This
    insulates the business layer from database provider and schema changes,
    which improves maintainability and allows the developer to focus on a more
    object-oriented design process - significantly reducing maintenance and
    development time.

    For support questions or comments, please contact

    The Objectz.NET Team
    Mongoose Solutions, Inc.
    Innovative Software Solutions

    Mongoose Solutions, Aug 1, 2003
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