Reading windows event file like event viewer from windows/system32/config/AppEvent.evt

Discussion in 'Java' started by veeru, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. veeru

    veeru Guest

    hi ,any one can help ,me to solve my problem.
    i m talking about reading AppEvent.evt SecEvent.evt SysEvent.evt files
    which basically resides in C:\WINDOWS\system32\config folder of
    windows xp.if we want to open that files and our computer is on n/w
    than some services used all three files and i m not able to open that
    files manually.if i want to read that files than i have two options
    either read by event viewer or copy this file and to another place and
    open it in vc++.
    i have to read or parse that file by writing a pure java parser
    without using any dll bcz that files runs under linux there is another
    option to use so(shared object files working as a dll in linux) but i
    don't want to depend on dll and so files.
    one another way microsoft ;log parser but i m not sure that it
    will run on linux or not ,simply i want to write independent java
    program using only java based open source api
    so plz give me a best approach to read or parse this event files when
    they r locked by another applications or services.

    this is the link which help u to understand windows event log format
    and it has links of sample program written in vc++,c#,,c+
    +,php .

    i follow the php program approach but i got only source name,computer
    name,description but not able to parse this things individually and i
    also need date,event id,event type.

    then i got another code from code project site,which has functionality
    to read event logs it is using log4j to read this event files.and
    display ti on swing interface but i want only a simple program which
    did only reading or parsing event log files.
    veeru, Jul 18, 2007
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  2. Lew

    Lew Guest

    veeru wrote:
    > hi ,any one can help ,me to solve my problem.

    They'd be more likely to help if you avoid multi-posting, that is, posting the
    same message independently to different newsgroups. Your best strategy is to
    pick one.

    There is a FAQ for these two newsgroups (to which I've cross-posted your
    multipost) that you might choose to read. also has an excellent
    article on newsgroup netiquette that you had best choose to read.

    Lew, Jul 18, 2007
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