slurping in binary data

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by Nomen Nescio, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Nomen Nescio

    Nomen Nescio Guest

    Someone somewhere is having a big laugh over this thread,
    which is one big masterpiece. Bravo, George! I didn't
    think CLC was *this* gullible.

    From Nov 23 in this thread:

    "Yeah, but those mistakes are very much in keeping with the spirit of
    unleashed. With dodgy whitespace is the way I've read Richard for years
    now. I think the lack of polish comes from the question, "who's going to
    proofread it?"

    Will such a person know that a (12,4) Hamming code reverses the role of
    data bits and parity bits from (12,8)?

    When you bring 20 guys together to write a book where each covers his
    specialty, are you going to have them do the hardest thing about writing:
    heeling to an editor who doesn't really know the subject?

    With that Han from China dumbass spouting off on the deficiencies of clc,
    unleashed, and the queen of england, I don't feel that right now is the
    time for negative criticism.

    BTW, I get a pass for my lack of exact typing: there's a piece of metal
    strapped into my left palm, and my third and fourth fingers on my right
    hand funtion as one."

    That one went right over their heads haha, presumably because
    of the Han insult. Brilliantly played!

    As I said in (part 50) of my series:

    I've been reading George's comp.lang.c threads with interest
    and slight admiration, ever since he said the following:

    "Other places on usenet, one talks about trolling as being provocative
    posts to get a rise and response. If one posts to get advice from folks
    with greater experience, greater knowledge, or less inclination to watch
    tv, he is just a value judgment away from trolling."

    Han from China
    Nomen Nescio, Dec 3, 2008
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