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    Date: Jul 8, 2007 9:50 AM
    Subject: Faith is like?
    To: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6593906684323060189
    Cc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tCUeAAK9fg
    Bcc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UeYkxePW2c
    This is...
    " Working in Faith "
    Enjoy your first Net Casting Company
    with " VISION "
    Were if it is not good news then it is not news to?
    US, Him, Her, Them &
    " YOU "
    *" As a feather floats by, lonely lies silent "*
    Yet even while seen through the eyes of many...
    Still lying lifeless on 45th an Broadway last night in
    Time square
    America's Big Apple...
    As if like a flash back it accrued to me.
    Who would know in the dark of night that through the Forest flew a
    black bird
    that died that night ?
    GOD would...
    So as like any good Samaritan would do I picked up.
    That life less little Bird left there lying amok in the middle of
    the road ,and walked it to the curb.
    While in the background all I heard was this peaceful musician
    songs from the heart of our home land.
    Those flutes a flaring fluently through the air last night.
    I walked upon a clear ROSE bag. And as i bent down to pick it up all
    I saw were a flock birds swarming to find rest.
    Right then and there on top of the Virgin music store sing there in
    time square.

    * In seeing that it accrued to me

    Just how many birds I saw daily flying by my tent every night while
    stay in the Virgin Islands " The Dark Mountain "
    The place I called Home for seven months this year.
    Bet they saw what I was doing and wanted to perch there quickly , to
    see just what I would do at that point in time.
    locating a trash receptacle was easy for there was one right there
    in front of my path as I crossed the street.
    Gently as I laid the life less bird in to it's new place...
    I saw all the birds take off at once , as that musician played on an
    on an all right there. In to the late of night.
    The wonder of aha and the joy it can bring...
    To View the Mountain in the VIRGIN Islands were I saw so many birds:

    There is a slight problem with this Non-profits site for now
    but it was picked up by?
    A CLICK Away

    Please forward if you wish to do so?


    Thank you Sincerely,

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