Discussion in 'XML' started by catchanu@yahoo.com, Jan 3, 2005.

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    In my project, I am generating an asp file that collects the data by
    querying database and puts it into xml document. XSL is applied to XML
    and this report in generated as HTML by IE using vb scripts
    CreateObject(). This is how the flow is

    Generate an ASP , write query to get the data, put them into XML
    document and call xsl and display it in IE. Everything works fine but
    sometime I have

    1. Some html files are generated empty. Though there is data to
    display, html looks empty. Is this because of CDATA tag? Should I use
    CDATA tag? if so where to use?

    2. I am using dot matrix printer to print html files. How do I make
    report print fast using font families. Currently I am using
    font-family="monospace", seems like it has no effects.
    please help with this.
    , Jan 3, 2005
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