Ajax Control Extender in server and client side



Hello All,

I have a small problem with own Business classes because there should be a
method how to update Server side variables from Client side.

Situation is followig: Application opens modal Popup Window and user can
make queries to database in that window.

User can also select rows she wants and selected rows are put into their own
Grid. When user closes her Popup Window rows containing user selected rows
should be passed as Business Objects into Popup Window's Parent Window.

I heard somewhere that it's possible to make an Ajax Extender of own
Business class so that when it's value changes it changes in both client and
server side. Is this possible and if it is how to do it?

I have Googled a lot's of articles considering this issue but haven't get a
picture how to actually do it.

I know that Javascript and Hidden fields in ASP.NET Forms can do this

but because in my case user usually selects 4 to 5 rows (= classes in
collection) I would be very interested about Ajax Extenders.

So can anyone help me?



bruce barker

ajax control extenders are for extending client object to have
javascript methods. most of the framework is for supporting writing
server control that render javascript extenders (ajax controls).

you should look at the client data controls or switch to jQuery to do
what you want. in any case you need to learn javascript and the browser dom.

-- bruce (sqlwork.com)

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