Alternative to Malloc in C

May 3, 2022
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I have been learning C I am at the point were I am learning about malloc() and free() When I came across this article entitled Alternative of Malloc in C....

// C Program to implement Alternative to Malloc

// Importing standard input output file
#include <stdio.h>

// Main driver method
int main() {
// Alternative of Malloc '' operator refers
// to address of array memory block
intfirst_array = (int[2]){};

// Creating and initializing array together

// Custom input element at array indices
first_array[0] = 10;
first_array[1] = 20;

// Printing the array indices as passed in argument
printf("%d %d", first_array[0], first_array[1]);
return 0;

Can someone explain the int *first_array = (int[2]){}; to me in more detail please.
the original article is here: and is example 3 at the bottom


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