[ANN] Dfect 1.0.0


Suraj Kurapati

Dfect 1.0.0

Assertion testing library for Ruby


Dfect is an assertion testing library for Ruby that
emphasizes a simple assertion vocabulary, instant
debuggability of failures, and flexibility in composing

Dfect is exciting because:

* It has only 5 methods to remember: D F E C T.

* It lets you debug assertion failures interactively.

* It keeps a detailed report of assertion failures.

* It lets you nest tests and execution hooks.

* It is implemented in a mere 479 lines of code.

Version 1.0.0 (2009-05-03)

This release improves default choices, adds emulation layers
to mimic other testing libraries, and fixes some bugs.

Incompatible changes

* The :debug option is now enabled by default and is no
longer linked to the value of $DEBUG.

* Dfect.run() now appends to previous results by default.
This behavior can be disabled by passing false to the

New features

* Add emulation layers to mimic other testing libraries:
+ dfect/unit -- Test::Unit
+ dfect/mini -- Minitest
+ dfect/spec -- RSpec

Bug fixes

* Do not blindly replace Class#to_yaml; it might be fixed


* Add [1]Motivation section in user manual to promote
interactive debugging.

* Add brief [2]History of this project's inception.

* Remove redundant assertions for F!() and T!() methods in
test suite.

* Add copyright notice at the top of every file.


1. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/dfect/#Motivation
2. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/dfect/#History

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