[ANN] Goliath 0.9.0 released


dan sinclair

I'm pleased to announce the first public release of Goliath v0.9.0.

- Homepage: http://goliath.io
- Code: https://github.com/postrank-labs/goliath
- gem install goliath

Goliath is an open source version of the non-blocking (asynchronous) =
Ruby web server framework powering PostRank. It is a lightweight =
framework designed to meet the following goals: bare metal performance, =
Rack API and middleware support, simple configuration, fully =
asynchronous processing, and readable and maintainable code (read: no =

The framework is powered by an EventMachine reactor, a high-performance =
HTTP parser and Ruby 1.9 runtime. One major advantage Goliath has over =
other asynchronous frameworks is the fact that by leveraging Ruby =
fibers, it can untangle the complicated callback-based code into a =
format we are all familiar and comfortable with: linear execution, which =
leads to more maintainable and readable code.

While MRI is the recommend platform, Goliath has been tested to run on =
JRuby and Rubinius.

Goliath has been in production at PostRank for over a year, serving a =
sustained 500 requests/s for internal and external applications. Many of =
the Goliath processes have been running for months at a time (read: no =
memory leaks) and have served hundreds of gigabytes of data without =
restarts. To scale up and provide failover and redundancy, our =
individual Goliath servers at PostRank are usually deployed behind a =
reverse proxy (such as HAProxy).

More information can be found in the README and in the following posts:
- =
- http://everburning.com/news/stage-left-enter-goliath/



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