ANN: Nucular full text indexing 0.4


Aaron Watters


This release adds a simple "table space" wrapper
which makes Nucular easier to use for some
purposes. It also fixes a number of bugs.


Find documentation and downloads at


Nucular is a system for creating full text
indices for fielded data. It can be accessed
via a Python API or via a suite of command
line interfaces.

Nucular archives fielded documents and
retrieves them based on field value, field
prefix, field word prefix, or full text
word prefix, word proximity or combinations
of these. Nucular also includes features
for determining values related to a query
often called query facets.


* Nucular is very light weight.
Updates and accesses do not require
any server process or other system
support such as shared memory locking.

* Nucular supports concurrency.
Arbitrary concurrent updates and
accesses by multiple processes or
threads are supported, with no
possible locking issues.

* Nucular indexes and retrieves
data quickly.

* Nucular has a funny name.


The file storage format for this release is
not compatible with older formats (the change
was needed to fix a bug).

On Windows XP I had to delete the old
package manually from the Python library
before the install for the new package
would work properly.

I hope you like it.

-- Aaron Watters

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