[ANN] Rails 0.5.7, Active Record 0.9.2, Action Pack 0.7.8

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David Heinemeier Hansson

I gather that most people are now familar with the RoR suite, so I'm
skipping the formal introductions and will just bring you the meat.

Get it all from http://www.rubyonrails.org, talk it up on #rubyonrails

Rails 0.5.7: WEBrick, session, debug fixes

Lots of minor fixes, like a WEBrick controller that now accepts GET
parameters, along with the new AP and AR releases. If you’re already
running 0.5.6, then don’t bother with a complete upgrade. Just get the
new AR and AP and cherry pick the new webrick_server.rb (goes into

* Fixed bug in the WEBrick dispatcher that prevented it from getting
parameters from the URL
(through GET requests or otherwise)

* Added lib in root as a place to store app specific libraries

* Added lib and vendor to load_path, so anything store within can be
loaded directly.
Hence lib/redcloth.rb can be loaded with require "redcloth"

* Upgraded to Action Pack 0.7.8 (lots of fixes)

* Upgraded to Active Record 0.9.2 (minor upgrade)

Action Pack 0.7.8: Around filter, session fix, more fixes
A few new features, such as a new around filter for doing before and
after processing from a single object, and a bunch of fixes. Most
importantly is the session fix that ensures you can now store any
object even if it doesn’t exist in the standard library. Also added
reset_session for clearing out the session. And many more minor fixes
and tweaks: CHANGELOG

* Fixed session bug where you couldn't store any objects that didn't
exist in the standard library
(such as Active Record objects).

* Added reset_session method for Action Controller objects to clear out
all objects in the session.

* Fixed that exceptions raised during filters are now also caught by
the default rescues

* Added new around_filter for doing before and after filtering with a
single object [Florian Weber]:

class WeblogController < ActionController::Base
around_filter BenchmarkingFilter.new

# Before this action is performed,
BenchmarkingFilter#before(controller) is executed
def index
# After this action has been performed,
BenchmarkingFilter#after(controller) is executed

class BenchmarkingFilter
def initialize

def before

def after

* Added the options for specifying a different name and id for the form
helper methods than what is guessed [Florian Weber]:

text_field "post", "title"
...just gives: <input id="post_title" name="post[title]"
size="30" type="text" value="" />

text_field "post", "title", "id" => "title_for_post", "name" =>
...can now give: <input id="title_for_post"
name="first_post_title" size="30" type="text" value="" />

* Added DebugHelper with a single "debug" method for doing pretty dumps
of objects in the view
(now used in the default rescues to better present the contents of
session and template variables)

* Added note to log about the templates rendered within layouts (before
just the layout was shown)

* Fixed redirects on https setups [Andreas]

* Fixed scaffolding problem on the edit action when using :suffix =>
true [Scott]

* Fixed scaffolding problem where implementing list.rhtml wouldn't work
for the index action

* URLs generated now uses &amp; instead of just & so pages using it can
validate with W3C [Spotted by Andreas]

Active Record 0.9.2: Static update, type recognition, debug fix

This is another minor update that brings a static update method for
easier updating records you know the id for and don’t care about
validation on. Also treats decimal and numeric as Ruby floats, and
chars as Ruby strings. Also removed that forgotted “asd!!” debug
statement left in last release.

* Added static method for instantly updating a record

* Treat decimal and numeric as Ruby floats [Andreas Schwartz]

* Treat chars as Ruby strings (fixes problem for Action Pack form
helpers too)

* Removed debugging output accidently left in (which would screw web

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