[ANN] Release of XMLmind XML Editor v5.8

Discussion in 'XML' started by olivier, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. olivier

    olivier Guest

    XMLmind is happy to announce the version 5.8 of XMLmind XML Editor.

    XMLmind XML Editor Evaluation Edition v5.8 can be downloaded from

    Professional Edition users, please upgrade using this form:

    (The above form is usually accessed through

    XMLmind XML Editor v5.8 (October 7, 2013)

    Main enhancements:

    * New menu item "View|Show Tags" allows to show element tags
    in the current styled view.

    * New checkbox "View|XML Source" allows to edit opened document
    at the XML source level.

    * The dialog box used to specify the value of an attribute
    which is a reference of any kind (ID, IDREF, href, etc)
    now has a "Filters" pane.

    * DocBook: right-clicking inside an <olink> element displays
    a contextual menu now having a "Set Link Target" entry
    in addition to "Follow Link".

    More information:
    olivier, Oct 7, 2013
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