ANN: Tenjin 0.6.1 - a fast and full-featured template engine


makoto kuwata

Hi all,

I have released Tenjin 0.6.1.
In this release, benchmark script is enhanced to support
Genshi, Mako, and Templetor.

Tenjin is a very fast and full-featured temlate engine.
You can embed Python statements and expressions into your text file.
Tenjin converts it into Python program and evaluate it.

How fast Tenjin is? It is about:
* three times faster than Cheetah and Myghty
* nine times faster than Django
* sixty times faster than Kid
* twice faster than Mako
You can see the detail of benchmark at:
(benchmark script is included in Tenjin distribution.)

Tenjin is not only so fast and lightweight but also full-featured.
It supports:
* layout template
* partial template
* capturing
* preprocessing
* and so on...

See user's guide and examples at the above page for details.
New release of Tenjin will be informed at:

Release 0.6.1:


* Benchmark script ('benchmark/') is rewrited.
* Benchmark supports Genshi, Mako, and Templetor.
* Add examples.


* Typo in User's Guide is fixed.

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