ASP.NET, SQL Record Locking


John Walker

Is there a convenient way to lock SQL records so that two users cannot
attempt to update the same row, thereby preventing users from overwriting
other user's data?
For example, we have a 2.0 application which allows a user to pull
up customer information, modify their information and save it back to the
database. if there is a different user attempting to pull up that same
customer record while the other user is viewing it in their browser we would
like to display a message "the customer record you are trying to access is
currently locked by another user."
We may also want to give each user a certain amount of time to have a record
locked before releasing it for access by other users.
Any advice would be appreciated.






As a followup, I now convert the timestamp/rowversion column to a bigint
when I pull it up to the webpage.

I've seen some other tricks, but that one works for me.

Select EmpID, convert(bigint, MyTimeStampColumn) as
MyTimeStampColumnAsBigInt, LastName, FirstName from dbo.Employee

something like that.

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