Atlas crashing Visual Studio



I have the same problem as identified in (Atlas Crashing Visual Studio

I'm using VS2005, visual basic.

The problem began after I did the following:

a.. updated the web.config file of an existing web site with the entries
needed to include Atlas controls.
b.. created a tab in the toolbox for Atlas
c.. populated the Atlas tab by clicking Choose Items in the context menu
and navigating to the Microsoft.Web.Atlas.dll (version 2.0.50727.60725). (I
previously populated the Atlas Control Toolkit tab as explained in the Atlas
documentation without any problem).
d.. added the ScriptManager to an existing page in the web site.
e.. configured a ConfirmButtonExtender Atlas control on this page
The error occurs intermittently when I run the web site. Otherwise the
confirm button works fine. I can build the project repeatedly without any

I have to use Task Manager to kill the Visual Studio instance, because the
Visual Basic Compiler error popup keeps being displayed and prevents me from
closing the application.

I also noticed that when the error occurs, the Atlas tab which I added to
the toolbox is no longer present when I restart VS.

If I remove the ConfirmButtonExtender the problem goes away or happens less
frequently, at least.

Has the cause of this problem been identified? Is there a resolution?



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