Calling web service over HTTPS


Ryan Stevens

I'm trying to call a web service method over HTTPS. However the
certificate installed on the web server has the load-balanced dns name
of the whole web farm. I need to call the web service on a specific
machine. If I manually use a browser with the url that I
programmatically use, I get a warn about mismatching name but I can
continue and everything is fine. However programmatically I receive an
error, how can I tell system to continue?




Although I have not done this it doesn't surprise me.
Presumably the web service is installed on all web servers in the web farm.
And presumably you are accessing the site with a through DNS.
And presumably you are accessing the site over HTTPS because you want the
data encrypted and also you want to know that you are genuinely talking to
the correct server and someone has not spoofed them. All the normal reasons.

It's like saying I want a web farm but I don't. I'd figure out why you want
to go to one particular server. Perhaps there is an approach that is wrong
having your web service in a secure web farm has many benefits.

Just out of interest, if you are browsing the web service how do you know
you are at a specific machine and why do you get the errors? Is it because
you are using the IP address rather that the DNS for the site?

If you tell me more as to why you want to go to a specific machine I may be
able to help further.


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