Can I move page above hash?

Sep 9, 2013
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Hello all,

I have an iframe in my page, and a treeview control. When users click on a tree-node, I set the corresponding page as source of the iframe.

The page scrolls vertically. When the tree is long, and user clicks on a node somewhere at bottom, I want the page to move to the top, so the user sees the top of the page. The page has a banner that comes from the 'master page'.

I am able to call javascript to make the page move only to top of the banner:
location.hash = '#banner';

My problem is that the page moves correctly to the banner, but shows horizontal scrollbar about an inch above the bottom. The scrollbar is not the issue, but its position 1 inch from bottom is the problem. Is there a way to prevent this, and make the page move to the banner top?

Thanks in advance
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