Can you help me please?

Feb 2, 2023
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Enter a sequence of sentences and a keyword. Identify sentences that contain a given keyword or display a message about the absence of such sentences.
Mar 5, 2023
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since you didn't specify a program language i went with c++ let me know if you want it in a different one,

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main() {
    string sentences, keyword;
    bool found = false;
    // Prompt the user to enter a sequence of sentences
    cout << "Enter a sequence of sentences: ";
    getline(cin, sentences);
    // Prompt the user to enter a keyword to search for
    cout << "Enter a keyword: ";
    cin >> keyword;
    // Tokenize the sentences by splitting them into substrings using the delimiter '.'
    size_t start = 0, end = 0;
    while ((end = sentences.find('.', start)) != string::npos) {
        // Get the current sentence
        string sentence = sentences.substr(start, end - start);
        // Check if the sentence contains the keyword
        if (sentence.find(keyword) != string::npos) {
            // Display the sentence that contains the keyword
            cout << sentence << "." << endl;
            found = true;
        // Move to the next sentence
        start = end + 1;
    // Check if the keyword was not found in any sentence
    if (!found) {
        cout << "The keyword was not found in any sentence." << endl;
    return 0;

The program uses the getline() function to read a sequence of sentences from the user and the cin object to read a keyword. It then tokenizes the sentences by splitting them into substrings using the delimiter '.' and checks if each sentence contains the keyword using the find() function of the string class. If a sentence contains the keyword, it is displayed to the user. If the keyword was not found in any sentence, a message is displayed to that effect.

I hope this helps you :)

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