change to code-behind


Keith G Hicks

I have a pretty small project right now that I just started last week. I
have one master page and several content pages based on that master. I had
originally neglected to set up the master with code-behind. So now it and
all my other pages are not set up that way. If I create a new website
project with a master page and a couple of content pages and be sure to set
up code-behind then I should be able to see the setting differences in the
code header info. Is that all there is to it? I have very little VB code so
far. In fact maybe only a few dozen lines in a couple of pages. Is it just a
matter of creating some aspx.vb files in notepad that have the code in them
and then setting the codepage property in the pages header info? Anything
tricky here to worry about?



Keith G Hicks

Well never mind. It seems to have worked fine. It took a little while to
figure out all the things that I had to change (not much in fact) but I
guess it's ok.

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