Composite Control with FormView property tag prefix attribute?




I've developed a Composite control designed to take one FormView and one
SqlDataSource as properties.
I can add my composite control to the designer, then add the SqlDataSource
and then the FormView controls, and things look right in the Source View.

When I run the control, I find the properties have not been assigned, so I
remove the asp tag prefix from the controls (in source view), and then it
works at runtime (but not at design time any more).

I presume there must be some other attribute I am missing that tells the
serializer to serialize asp:FormView as the FormView property of my
composite control, but I can't find it. I sort of would have expected
things to work without an extra attribute. I presume asp prefix maps to
System.Web.UI .WebControls, and my property is of type
System.Web.UI.WebControls.FormView. But then I guess the tag prefix of my
composite control interferes with namespace scope.

Does anyone know what attribute I am missing?

Thanks in advance

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