Crud operations VS stored procedures

May 18, 2023
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Hello guys, I have a very specific questions, it may be obvious to many of you, but I cant get it off my head, why do we use CRUD operations if we can have all sql statements in stored procedures in the data base, It just seems very insecure to send sql statements from the server, instead, we can just call a procedure by passing the parameters needed. Certainly this approach would require to build multiple stored procedures but the data would be safe
Sep 4, 2022
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'triggers' are store by Db side, or plain text ( String Types ) queries are located all along scripts.

both methods need a Db call ( connexion and transactions, commands ) before it fires.

All the workload will happen at Db level.

with nowadays computing, the gain between a script file about bit less or more weight is not a inner difference.
Hardware is really powerful.

triggers ( by Db side ) exists because of system by 'Db only', it's reliability when every tasks are executed on Db system ( without GUI, without 'middle languages' : asp or perl or php ).

CRUD is 4 letters to describe options about 'interaction'.
you know what they mean
Create / Read / Update / Delete

when you build your software, you have to implement C or R, or U, or D for the need, the consumers demands.

you can have : ( all solutions )
C only
R only
U only
D only
or CRU , or CUD only
and all combinations living

do you see where it goes ?
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