Crystal Reports - clicking export and Print Returns to parameter entry page



Hi, I created a bunch of crystal reports in pages that I use once a
year when auditors come to our company. They were working correctly last
year, however this year after I upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 and .Net 3.5
the export and print features are not working correctly. The report connects
to a stored procedure in SQL 2000 server so there are parameters being

When the report initially runs, the user is prompted for parameters, after
entering they click Submit to bring up the report. The report displays
properly. When they click the crystal reports export button on the top left
hand corner of the screen, it returns the user to the enter parameters page
both in the export box that popped up, AND in the actual report. The other
problem is if they try to click print, it also returns them to the enter
parameter page.

I thought I had solved this at one point by putting login information into
the page load - code behind like so:

Dim report As New ReportDocument
report.SetDatabaseLogon("mysqluser", "mypassword")
Me.CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = report

but it still does not work. Another note is that there is no ajax on this
page which i have read there are problems with. Luckily i have a copy of the
older reports to get by for now, but does anyone have a solution for this?
let me know. thank you.


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