Custom sorting



I've a requirement in which I want to use the custom sorting..
I mean I've a dropdown with sortable column names and when the user selects
particular column from dropdown , I need to sort the grid.

For it,Im trying to get the gridView.DataSource() to retrieve the datatable
attached to it (Ive earlier binded the gridview in page load in not postback
section ) , but gridView.DataSource() always returning null..
Im unable to resolve this..

When we enable the default sorting,in the the gridview_sorting,
gridView.DataSource hold the data...
But when I use it outward in any other control's event..
why its not showing the gridView.DataSource...

How does the default sorting work internally in the gridview...
Can anyone let me know how GridView's sorting happens...I would like to use
the same approach..for my custom avoid re binding the data..


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