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Andreas Leitgeb

I'm having difficulties with my signed jnlp template file.
I have already read the obvious literature, e.g.:
but that didn't work/help me with that problem.

A particular extra twist may be relevant, namely that there is some
extra webapp that serves the jnlp-file subst'ing some $$varname strings
(e.g. $$codebase) and stripping all new-lines on the way (while leaving
all the excessive tabs and whitespaces intact, that some ant-task cared
to produce into it). That means, the jnlp delivered to the client machine
isn't the same as the one placed on the server.

Our approach therefore was to download the jnlp-file (mimicking a client)
through that jnlp-serving webapp from the test-system, then substitute all
relevant parts by *, add that to the main jar file (as JNLP-INF/APPLICATION_
TEMPLATE.JNLP) and finally sign and deploy the jar-file on the test-system.

And still, the client (Java 7!) refused to start the app. The
JNLPSigningException that is thrown says (my own translation,
the official English verbiage may vary):
"signature of the start file could not be verified.
The signed version doesn't equal the downloaded version"
The German verbiage "stimmt nicht überein" really means un-equality
rather than (as expected) a failed pattern match, but that might be
mere hair-splitting.

The exception is thrown from:
at com.sun.javaws.jnl.LaunchDesc.checkSigningTemplate
which may or may not imply that it at least noticed that
we're indeed using a template...

Any ideas?





I had the same trouble... Did you fix it? If yes, please give us your fix.

Thank you,



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