Dynamical loading of modules


Jacob Kroon

Hi, I'm having some problems with implementing dynamical module loading.
First let me
describe the scenario with an example:


apple.py defines a class 'Apple', banana defines a class 'Banana'. The
problem lies in the
fact that I want to be able to just drop a new .py-file, for instance
peach.py, and not change
__init__.py, and it should automatically pickup the new file in
__init__.py. I've come halfway
by using some imp module magic in __init__.py, but the problem I have is
that the instantiated
objects class-names becomes fruit.apple.Apple/fruit.banana.Banana, whild
I want it to be

Is there a smarter way of accomplishing what I am trying to do ?
If someone could give me a small example of how to achieve this I would
be very grateful.

Regards Jacob Kroon


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