Export to EXCEL Problem



I am doing "Export to Excel" functionality, but while doing this I am
getting error. Like I have two types of Report, each type has many sub
reports inside. So I am opening new window for Each type of report by
taking help from Javascript "window.open()" and passing different type
of window name. Given below example will help you to understand my

I have Two types of Report :-
1>Report Type A
2>Report Type B

Report Type A has different Reports under it, same for Report Type B,

1>Report Type A
a) ABC
b) XYZ
c) JKL
2>Report Type B
a) MNO
b) PQR
c) UVW

Now i am using "window.open()" to open each type of report by providing
2 different window name for each type of report i.e.


if i do this it works fine. now the problem start as if try to open
like 2 reports from of the same type then it doesnt load the second
report which i have clicked. for e.g

I click on ABC report its open fine, now if without closing that report
window if i open XYZ report, then it doesnt show that XYZ report as it
opens only blank page with loading status.

As i have understood that they both are using same Window name to open
he excel object in the same browser.

So how to resolve this problem, as i want to open sepearte window for
each report.

Thanks in Advance

Manoj Singh

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