filllable PDFs with Perl



I've had good success with spitting out PDFs from Perl scripts for years, using both PDF::API2 and custom built LaTeX source files.

I now have a requirement to generate a number of fillable PDFs. These will be bulk emailed, to be filled in by the user and printed.

Does anyone know, right off hand, of a good way to do that in Perl?

Thanks, CC.

Randy Westlund

I too would be interested in knowing how to create fillable PDFs. I
find many hits on Google, but no solution, and wasn't
coming up with anything either. I can't believe there's not a module
for it!

Maybe one of the other PDF modules could be used to analyse an
existing PDF that contains a fillable-form, and from that could be
deduced what needs to be put into the PDF?


I use Template::Latex to generate PDFs. I've never needed a
fillable form, but a quick google search indicates that LaTex should
be able to do that quite easily.

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