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Apr 30, 2020
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Hello. I am part of a community based around the browser-based flight simulator Geo-FS. This has one server, and is a basis of roleplay, including Civilian, Military, and Governmental through a chat. However, this diversity has caused problems, and often the toxicity of the Military users repels otherwise excited new users. Some, as I have, have decided that a new server is needed for the Military Roleplay users. But also, we would like this new Military server to have a new map, not the Earth. But this raises and issue in that the Cesium JS that provides Terrain and satellite imagery would have a very hard time rendering the handmade map parts, as the satellite imagery is from Google, and is already stitched and ready for interpretation. Not only that, but we would also like to have other components such as a chat system where you can speak to "allies" without your enemies learning your plans. More features can be discussed at a later time. Thank you, in advance.

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